47803 - Intercity Infrastructure

In April 1992, BR gave the individual operating sectors (Intercity, NSE, Regional Railways, etc) responsibility for the maintenence and renewal of their own track/signalling; as well as breaking up the Departmental sector and distributing it's locos among them. Whilst they all kept the Civil-Link ("Dutch") livery, some one-off specials appeared; 47803 being among them. '803 went into a heavily modified version of the InterCity Executive livery, it had been carrying previously; to signify it's place in the Intercity fleet as an Infrastructure loco (indeed, it carried "Infrastructure" legends at some stage during it's remaining time). However, as often happened at the time, '803 would escape from the engineer's trains it was supposed to be working and could be found working Intercity passenger services, fairly regularly!

Note: The Just Trains base model has dynamic nameplates, which can't be turned off, and may spawn in with the reskin; freeroam users can simply spawn and despawn until no names appear.



GitHub - RagingLightning/TSW3-LM

TSW 3 Livery Manager (Also works with TSW 4)

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