Thameslink Class 377 (Volume 1 and Volume 2)

This is my attempt at making a Thameslink livery on the Class 377. I have done it to the best I can with as many details as I possibly could add. I have released Volume 2 after 6 months and it includes the following patches:

  • Fixed the missing orange line on the MOSL car.
  • Warning signs at the front of the train have been raised as they are in real life.
  • Merged the unbranded and branded liveries.


Train Sim World 2
East Coastway Add On

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the Thameslink Class 377 Branded.tsw2liv file.
  2. Put the file in your TSW2 Livery Manager Exports folder.
  3. Open TSW2 Livery Manager, click on the livery in the list and press import.
  4. Enjoy my livery!

Additional Comments

Do not repost my livery anywhere else without my permission. If you notice anything that I have missed or done incorrectly, please let me know in the Train Sim Community Discord server. My Discord is LucidDaniel#3233.

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RF_ECW_SN_Class377-4;Thameslink Branded 1 V1.tsw2liv 640 KB · Added 20 Aug 2021 · Downloaded 429× RF_ECW_SN_Class377-4;Thameslink Branded 1 V2.tsw2liv 641 KB · Added 20 Aug 2021 · Downloaded 503× RF_ECW_SN_Class377-4;Thameslink Unbranded V1.tsw2liv 263 KB · Added 20 Aug 2021 · Downloaded 370× RF_ECW_SN_Class377-4;Thameslink Unbranded V2.tsw2liv 264 KB · Added 20 Aug 2021 · Downloaded 403×

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LucidDanielYT 3 Feb 2021

UPDATE: Currently you can not drive custom livery 377s. However someone has kindly put out a fix and you can download it here:

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Why put the numbers when you have like a 8 or 12 car train the numbers make no sense. it makes sense to just have no numbers so it looks normal.

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3 Feb 2021
20 Aug 2021
Train Sim World
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Train Sim World compatibility
Train Sim World 2 before Rush Hour update (UE4 4.23), Train Sim World 2: Steam version (UE4 4.26)