Southeastern Class 375 variants

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Southeastern livery variants for the Class 375 Electrostar

Installation Instructions

Install this reskin with TSW2 Livery Manager.

Additional Comments

"RF_SEH_SE_Class375-9;Southeastern drkgrey-yel.tsw2liv" - Executive Dark Grey / Warning Yellow
"RF_SEH_SE_Class375-9;Southeastern midnightblue.tsw2liv" - Midnight Blue/Light Blue

Tags: class-375 connex electric electrostar emu southeastern-high-speed


RF_SEH_SE_Class375-9;Southeastern drkgrey-yel.tsw2liv 339 KB · Added 9 Feb 2021 · Downloaded 830× RF_SEH_SE_Class375-9;Southeastern midnightblue.tsw2liv 339 KB · Added 9 Feb 2021 · Downloaded 784×

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Avatar of W2SJW
W2SJW 9 Feb 2021

Thanks a million! I was waiting for someone to do these!

Avatar of anarchy99
anarchy99 10 Feb 2021

Yes. Really adds to the root, in my opinion.
I highly recommend the Southeastern Highspeed Fence / Barrier Enhancements mod over at too.

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9 Feb 2021
9 Feb 2021
Train Sim World
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Train Sim World 2 before Rush Hour update (UE4 4.23), Train Sim World 2: Steam version (UE4 4.26)