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Welcome to the North. Today you will drive the British Rail Class 47 also known as the Brush Type 4. Your task is to carry rail passengers safely over the famous Trans-Pennine Railway, without the aid of any modern safety devices. Manage your powerful locomotive and enjoy the charm of running loco-hauled services that no longer exist. Minor delays are expected to the East of Huddersfield, due to emergency track repairs and signal upgrades. Drive through Northern England’s stunning Pennine Hills and experience the raw diesel power from a rail age gone by.

Not for the faint hearted .. A Seventy-Five minute fictional scenario with a route distance of nearly 43 Miles; which includes 36 AI Trains from this great era!


• DLC: Northern Trans-Pennine

BR Class 45 - Known as 'Peaks - passenger and freight trains.
BR Class 47 - Nicknamed "Duff" - passenger and freight trains.
BR Class 101 - These Diesel Multiple Units operated local passenger services across the entire British Rail network.

No additional liveries or modifications are required.

Installation Instructions

Download the enclosed TSW2 SAVE file and move it into your Save Games Folder, located at:

• Documents\My Games\TrainSimWorld2\Saved\SaveGames

Launch TSW2 and navigate to the NTP Train Route - Tools Tab - Scenario Designer. Here you can view, edit and play the custom scenario -

Additional Comments

• The scenario commences and concludes from within the drivers cab.

• Please leave a comment below once you have completed this scenario. Your feedback would be greatly appreciated, Thank You.

• To download any of my other TSW2 creations (all Freeware), please click on this web-link:

•• TSW2 Freeware items by Bazinga ••

Thanks for viewing and Happy Gaming.

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Avatar of Dave
Dave 24 May 2021

Really enjoyed this scenario. Cant believe how busy Leeds was!! It was good to have multiple passing trains every once in a while and the signalling fault caught me out at Huddersfield! Tried it with a variety of locos up front, but couldn't get the 40's to play ball :(

Avatar of BAZINGA
BAZINGA 24 May 2021

Thanks for your comments @Dave, I'm happy you enjoyed it :)

Avatar of Towfique
Towfique 7 Oct 2021

Now this was amaazing. enjoyed it. loved the stop at manchester on entering. I am posting scenarios but all thanks to you because I had you SAV. file as a guidance .

Thank you very much. loved it.

Avatar of BAZINGA
BAZINGA 7 Oct 2021

cheers for your great comments - happy gaming .

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