Boston Electrostars

On a beautiful summer day, you'll be running a Providence Line train from Providence to South Station with a new Bombardier/Alstom 387 EMU.
South Attleboro station is closed for rennovation, so you'll be stopping at Attleboro, Mansfield, Sharon, Route 128, Ruggles, Back Bay, and South Station.
These American 387's have been upgraded compared to their British counterparts, so your maximum authorized speed is 125 MPH.

Fixed an Issue with a stuck ai deadlocking the scenario.


Train Sim World 2 Rush Hour
Boston Sprinter
London Commuter
GX Class 387 MBTA Livery (see dependencies)

ACS-64 and Amfleet enhancements by Nexo/Lunamoon(Yuri)
Boston Sprinter Enhancements by ngc


Installation Instructions

Place file in Documents\My Games\TrainSimWorld2\Saved\SaveGames

Tags: 387 boston boston-sprinter class-387 mbta


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Pixelade 22 Oct 2021

got stuck at a red right outside of ruggles. can't switch tracks. can't complete scenario.

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9 Oct 2021
25 Feb 2022
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Boston Electrostars
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