7G10 2330 Longhedge Jn - Hoo Junction Up Yard (2022)

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Hello driver, you'll be taking a section of this GBRf possesion train to Hoo Junction, between East Croydon and Redhill, via Merstham. Due to the cancellation of some services around Gatwick, your service has found a slot and is currently running 103E. Arrival into Redhill is booked for 0021½, but you are expected at 2237. Your maximum speed is 45mph. Timings for your train and AI trains have been researched using a combination of RTT and the May 2022 WTT, available from the Network Rail website. As always, good luck and enjoy the drive!


Livery for player train, strongly recommmended

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Installation Instructions

Move the .sav file (USD_3B75FC91-47E5-9F15-6DE5-4787CF7BC2BD) to your "\Documents\My Games\TrainSimWorld2\Saved\SaveGames" folder

Additional Comments

  • I have used Bendix (TaskPlays)'s fabulous tutorial on how to edit service start times outside of 5 min chunks for a more immersive experience. Check out the tutorial here.
  • Scenario can be found under "7G10 2330 LNGHDGJ-XHJ" in Brighton Mainline/London Commuter > Tools > Scenario Planner
  • In reality this service would've used a mix of civil engineer's wagons, but due to limitations of the scenario planner and the distinct lack of modern UK freight wagons in TSW, the train is instead composed of 15 JNA wagons, which should give you a similar driving experience

Tags: class-66 freight gbrf london-commuter london-to-brighton


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8 Aug 2022
8 Aug 2022
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East Coastway: Brighton - Eastbourne & Seaford, Rush Hour - London Commuter - Brighton Main Line: London Victoria - Brighton