Oakville Zebra Striped GP38-2 Reskin

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This mod replaces the CN logo GP38-2 livery with an alternate zebra striped livery


Train Sim World® 2: Canadian National Oakville Subdivision: Hamilton - Oakville Route Add-On

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Avatar of DarkWolf
DarkWolf 3 Mar 2022

I was looking for a reskin of the GP-38 with zebra stripes. But shouldn't the right hand stripes be angled the other way? Like this?

Avatar of ngc
ngc 31 Mar 2022

Yes, they should be flipped, however with how the texture map is generated both sides of the GP38 are mirrored so it wasn't possible to flip them the correct way on the right side.

Avatar of Necro
Necro 30 Apr 2022

Just a guess since I haven't textured in this game before only other games, couldn't you texture each side separately and just use two different textures, one flipped to get the effect?

Avatar of DarkWolf
DarkWolf 1 Apr 2022

Ahh, I got ya. I wondered if maybe it was something like that, I've encountered the same thing skinning in flight sims.

Avatar of The Batman
The Batman 21 Aug 2023

striping should be left slant when looking at right side...striping should be left slant on left side...I can't run that as it is...I AM CANADIAN ! ...on a side note I have seen a couple of F-7 passenger units painted incorrectly on one side...but not freight engines.

Avatar of ngc
ngc 23 Aug 2023

Like I described in an earlier comment, the textures for both sides are mirrored, so both sides have to be facing the same direction. To fix this, I would have to redo the entire models texture mapping basically, obviously not really possible to do easily.

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23 Dec 2021
23 Dec 2021
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