World Infamous Sandpatch Grade Bean Mines

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Have you ever wanted a more immersive experience of the infamous bean mines around CSX's Sandpatch Grade? With this mod, now you can simulate the true bean loading experience as it is in real life! Experience the sights, sounds, and smells of the bean mines that dot the Allegheny Mountain landscape, and feel the true immersion of loading your train and hauling the heavy load over the steep grades of the Alleghenies.

WARNING: This mod can expose you to materials including beans, which is known to the State of California to cause Cancer. For more information, go to


A questionable sense of humor

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Emeraldzebra 2 Jul 2021


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ngc 2 Jul 2021

why not

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Big G 18 Aug 2021


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President unity 3 Jul 2021

why not

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Hand92250 5 Jul 2021

Good job !

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acela2163 8 Apr 2022

The greatest mod in the history of mods has returned.

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EverettRailfan 10 Apr 2022


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PowerTrain 17 Apr 2022

Is this why gmod has a baked beans material? LOL

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