2021 CSX Logo for Sandpatch Grade

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This mod replaces the original CSX Boxcar logo on Sandpatch locomotives with the new CSX logo on all 3 default locomotives.

In the Fall of 2021, CSX silently started testing a new paint scheme as they started repainting and rebuilding a handful of locomotives. The new logo is almost identical to the YN3 paint scheme that was applied on CSX locomotives from 2002 up until 2011, however with a few minor changes, most notably with the CSX website URL. Shortly after, the announcement came that CSX would be completely rebranding to this new logo. A majority of the new repaints of locomotives are using the new CSX logo with the website URL, however a few have been repainted without it, most likely in error.

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Avatar of President unity
President unity 6 Sept 2021

This is nice

Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 18 Jun 2022

Good job !

Avatar of MCS121
MCS121 4 Jul 2022

Can we have a normal YN3? Also the logo in the back should be larger if possible

Avatar of MCS121
MCS121 6 Jul 2022

also the paint scheme is YN3C not YN3U

Avatar of ngc
ngc 15 Mar 2023

This mod was made significantly before the logo even had a name.

Avatar of MCS121
MCS121 10 Apr 2023

That is a very fair point, I only saw this after it had a name

Avatar of MCS121
MCS121 10 Apr 2023

It really doesnt have an official name anyway people just call it YN3C because it is the third YN3 type livery

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5 Sept 2021
18 Jun 2022
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