Sandpatch Domestic Intermodal Pack

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This pack replaces the blue & white CSX Intermodal containers with JB Hunt and EMP containers, which are most commonly seen on domestic intermodal trains.

Additional Comments

Thank you to Yuri for providing the EMP container textures, the original mod can be found here:

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Avatar of sleyer
sleyer 21 Nov 2021

Good job, thanks!

Avatar of AlphaSquad18288
AlphaSquad18288 20 Dec 2021

how u do it

Avatar of AlphaSquad18288
AlphaSquad18288 14 Mar 2022

add to creators club please

Avatar of Anthony Amtrak
Anthony Amtrak 19 Apr 2022

Can you do this for Horseshoe Curve?

Avatar of Suryaaji R. Damarjati

please give a same treatment for Horseshoe Curve intermodal

Avatar of Railroader
Railroader 15 Feb 2023

Will this work in TSW3?

Avatar of mileskarim
mileskarim 8 May 2023

make one for tsw3

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18 Aug 2021
21 Nov 2021
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