6P Jubilee - BR Black Unlined (Peak Forest)

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So if you're like me and are slightly sick of seeing that green Jubilee everywhere I cooked up this lil mod to change that.

This is just a quick attempt at making a very tired looking, late steam era, BR Black Jubilee.
This gives it a very similar feeling to the 8F and 4F in terms of general weathered-ness and cheap black paint look, so it shouldn't look out of place at all.

This mod currently replaces the Peak Forest Jubilee, but if anyone wants to help out and make it appear as a seperate reskin then that's fine with me!

If you have any problems just shoot me a message in the TSC discord!

Installation Instructions

Drop into your DLC folder.

Tags: 6p jubilee lms tired weathered


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Emeraldzebra 11 May 2023

Looks much better thanks

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About this mod

10 May 2023
10 May 2023
Train Sim World
Type of content
Train Sim World compatibility
Train Sim World 3
Train Sim World Content
Peak Forest Railway: Ambergate - Chinley & Buxton
Reskin type
Replaces existing skin