Number removal for the WCL Class37 (Livery Designer issue fix)

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For those that have spent significant amounts of time creating a detailed Class 37 Livery, only to discover that you have to place a black patch over the fixed numbers. Well, no more!


!TS2Prototype-WCL37numberremove.pak 69 KB · Added 28 Sept 2022 · Downloaded 266×


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W2SJW 13 Oct 2022

Thanks a million for this! I was able to use the new TSW3 livery manager & start importing my favorite TSW2 repaints into TSW3, and now they look perfect!

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Rob Woods #9284 22 Nov 2022

Nice reskin!

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W2SJW 23 Nov 2022

Thanks! All the credit needs to go to the author - the skin is here on the site, as well as another by him:

I've had to stop using this mod, as I believe combining this mod + ones that let the WCL 37 sub into other routes causes the game to crash. I'll test more tomorrow. The author has black boxes over the number area - I went in there on both of his skins & removed them after this mod came out.

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ROB S 21 Oct 2022

No problem. Yeah the DRS is a very good repaint.

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Rob Woods #9284 22 Nov 2022

Love this mod! One request, though. Can it be extended to remove the Data Panels and OHLE warning flashes?

Oh and can we have a mod that removes the numbers, etc, from the WCL Class 150/2? My reskins look daft, when carrying (say) ScotRail colours, but carrying the unit/car numbers for a First Great Western set!

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28 Sept 2022
28 Sept 2022
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