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HSTCab.pak (NEW 13/2/23) -Revamp of the cab textures, tweaked Cab lighting, weathered windows, faint non descript GSMR display.
(should work with TSW2)

GWRFGWRVV.pak -Default Driver position and Longer draw distance for Headlamps with lowered intensity to reduce ground shine.
HSTRVV2.pak -All of the above RVV but with a higher Driver position. (Wont work with TSW2)

exfgwHST.pak -Removes FGW Branding from the train exterior, as the case with early ScotRail HST sets. Will work with the better Blue FGW mod found on TSC. (Should work with TSW2)


!!TS2Prototype-exfgwHST.pak 868 KB · Downloaded 202× !!TS2Prototype-GWRFGWHSTRVV.pak 51 KB · Downloaded 53× !!TS2Prototype-HSTRVV2.pak 51 KB · Downloaded 37× !TS2Prototype-HSTcab.pak 7 MB · Downloaded 269×

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Avatar of Boa
Boa 1 Feb 2023

If you can remove the FGW text, is it possible you could make a HST livery?

Avatar of ROB S
ROB S 1 Feb 2023

No Boa. Its not painted on the side of the loco as you may imagine. Decals are kept in a seperate folder that the game knows to apply exactly where and when. Any new addition would need to go in that folder and the game would place it exactly where the original was.

Avatar of ghawk2005
ghawk2005 2 Feb 2023


Are you able to 1) make the cab camera viewing height of the HST and the Class 166 a fraction higher ? 2) disable doors closing on moving off on this HST please ? if you could do a separate mod for the HST / 166 with just those two adjustments, I'd ever so grateful
thank you

Avatar of ROB S
ROB S 2 Feb 2023

Thanks Gary. changing seat height and disabling door close is done by a method Im still to learn, I d be interested in doing it though yeah.

Avatar of ghawk2005
ghawk2005 3 Feb 2023

It would be fantastic if you could. Good luck. :)

Avatar of Boa
Boa 14 Feb 2023

Could you make a sort of unreadable texture for the screen to the right of the speedometer, so that its not just blank, even if its just unreadable stuff?

Avatar of Boa
Boa 14 Feb 2023

also, these work for TSW 2, even though its marked as only TSW 3

Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 7 days ago

Good job !

Avatar of ghawk2005
ghawk2005 7 days ago

i seriously can't tell you how much the higher POV's have changed my whole driivng enjoyment in the game. thanks again for your excellent contributions

Avatar of ghawk2005
ghawk2005 7 days ago

also - have you lowered the HST cam pov since the trial one that you did for me? it feels the same height as the original ? , but actually prefer the higher one you originally did? Are you able to keep that one up avilable for download too, as an option please? just in case i lose the original ? haha

many thanks

Avatar of ROB S
ROB S 7 days ago

I’ll upload a higher one. Thought it was in there.

Avatar of ghawk2005
ghawk2005 5 days ago

Thank you. The original height of the higher one is definitely more enjoyable for me, but nice to have two options because I know some people prefer the default. Such a lovely driving view compared to the default.

Keep up the amazing work. ( we all appreciate it )

Avatar of Boa
Boa 6 days ago

GWRFGWRVV.pak doesn't work on TSW 2, I think because of the POV change, as none of your other POV change mods work, kinda annoying as the others work, and the headlamps seem cool. - also same thing with the 166.

Avatar of ROB S
ROB S 6 days ago

The headlamp change is part of the same file needed for the POV change. Its within the trains RVV file. The RVV file must be a different version for tsw3.

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