BR110 + N Wagen More Timetable Services

[ENG] This Mod Replaces the Dostos for the N wagen, There will be 2 pak files, one will only subsitute 6 Car Dosto formations and the other will subsitute 5 Car and 6 Car Dosto Services. This mod also replaces all the BR146s for BR110s in dosto formations and in N Wagen Formations so that the Cab car can always be used in both.

[DEU] Dieser Mod ersetzt die Dostos für die N-Wagen. Es wird 2 Pak-Dateien geben, eine ersetzt nur 6 Car Dosto-Formationen und die andere ersetzt 5 Car und 6 Car Dosto Services. Dieser Mod ersetzt auch alle BR146 für BR110 in Dosto-Formationen und in N-Wagen-Formationen, sodass der Cab-Wagen immer in beiden verwendet werden kann.

6 Car N Wagen Services Will Show in

  • All RE Services München - Augsburg
  • All RE 1 Services Hauptstrecke Rhein Ruhr (Duisburg - Bochum)
  • All RE 1 Services Schnellfahrtsctrecke Köln - Aachen

6 + 5 Car N Wagen Services Will Show in

  • ALL RE Services München - Augsburg
  • All RE 1 Services Schnellfahrtsctrecke Köln - Aachen
  • ALL RE Services Haupstrecke Rhein Ruhr (Duisburg - Bochum)
  • ALL RE Services Rhein Ruhr Osten ( Wuppertal - Hagen)

30/12/2022 DCZ added

[ENG] I have taken my time with this one as i did not only want to replace the Dostos with N wagens but wanted to do more, I have swapped a bit of AI Services like the MAG ICE 3 to KWG and a bit more for you to find out yourself :) , added on too that I have reworked the standing stock at Dresden Alt Stadt where you should be able to find Dostos, N wagens, 143s and 110s so that the Dostos are not completely smoked off and is a bit of a variety, Enjoy :)

[DEU] Ich habe mir mit der route Zeit gelassen, da ich nicht nur die Dostos durch N-Wagen ersetzen wollte, sondern mehr tun wollte, ich habe ein bisschen KI-Dienste wie den MAG ICE 3 gegen KWG ersetzt und ein bisschen mehr ausgetauscht findet ihr selbst heraus :) , ich habe auch den Betriebswerk in Dresden Alt Stadt bearbeitet so das ihr da Dostos, N-Wagen, 143er und 110er finden könnt :),damit die Dostos nicht völlig weg sind und ein bisschen mehr abwechslungsreich ist, Viel Spaß :)

[DCZ] N Wagens will show in

  • S3 Services Tharandt - Dresden (BR110)
  • S3 Services Dresden - Tharandt (Karlsruher Steuerwagen)
  • RB30 Services Zwickau Dresden (BR110)
  • RB30 Services Dresden - Zwickau (Karlsruher Steuerwagen)

01/01/2023 DRA added

[ENG] Happy new year!, I hope you are all doing well on your holidays :) The second Dresden route is now ready for the N Wagens, this one will contain 2 Pak files, one will replace only 2Car Dosto formations and will Subsitute all the Dostos on the route (2+4 Car Dostos), personally out of all the routes with N wagens I like this one the most, I have the 2 Car Pak installed and the variety seen on the route is Beautiful, you will see the BR146, 143, 110 the Dostos The N Wagens and of course all the Fern and Gütter Verkehr, Enjoy :)

[DEU] Ein Frohes neues Jahr!, ich hoffe, es geht euch allen gut in den Ferien :) Die zweite Dresden-Route ist jetzt bereit für die N-Wagen, diese wird 2 Pak-Dateien enthalten, eine wird nur 2Car Dosto-Formationen ersetzen und eine wird alle Dostos ersetzen (2+4 Car Dostos), persönlich von allen Routen mit N-Wagen gefällt mir diese am besten, ich habe das 2 Car Pak installiert und die Vielfalt auf der Route ist wunderschön, Sie werden die BR146, 143 sehen , 110 sowie die Dostos und die N Wagens und natürlich der ganze Fern- und Gütter Verkehr, viel Spaß :)

[DRA] 2 Car N Wagens will show in

  • All S2 Services
  • RE 18 Cottbus - Dresden Hbf
  • RE 15 Depot - Dresden Hbf
  • Empty Stock to Meissen

2 + 4 Car N Wagens will show in

  • Every Dosto Service in DRA

15/01/2023 HBK added

[ENG] I hope you have all been having fun with this mod till now! :), Today i'm adding Hamburg - Lübeck to the collection, again with this route I have not replaced all the dostos so you are sure to see a lot of variety, Enjoy :)

[DEU] Ich hoffe, ihr hattet bis jetzt alle Spaß mit diesem Mod! :), Heute füge ich der Sammlung Hamburg - Lübeck hinzu, auch bei dieser Route habe ich nicht alle Dostos ersetzt, so dass Sie Auch Abwechslung sehen werden, viel Spaß :)

N Wagens will show in

  • RE80 Services
  • (AI) RB61 Services

if you notice any bugs please do let me know! / Wenn irgendwelche fehler bemerkt werden, gibt ruhig bescheid !

Installation Instructions

Drag the pak file into your DLC folder
Program Files 86x ---> Steam ---> steamapps ---> Common ---> Train Sim World 3 ---> WindowsNoEditor ---> TS2Prototype ---> Content ---> DLC

Tags: br110 subsitution


!FLDCZTTEnhancement.pak 9 KB · Downloaded 275×

DCZ Timetable Update

!FLDostoSub.pak 6 KB · Downloaded 185×

Replaces 5 + 6 Car Dosto Formations

!FLDostoSub.pak 4 KB · Downloaded 248×

Only Replaces 6 Car Dosto Formations

!FLDRADostoSub.pak 9 KB · Downloaded 183×

Only Replaces 2 Car Dosto Services on DRA

!FLDRADostoSub2+4.pak 9 KB · Downloaded 122×

Replaces all Dosto Services on DRA

!FLHBLDostoSub.pak 6 KB · Downloaded 120×

Replaces the RE80 and RB61 Services HBK

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 80 times before being withdrawn.


Avatar of VinceOurs
VinceOurs 28 Dec 2022

A big thank you for this mod which allows you to drive the N-wagen and the BR110 on other lines. Excellent work !
Unfortunately, it is impossible for me to operate the passenger doors from BR143 and BR112 with N-Wagens on the "Munchen-Augsburg" line. Do you have a tip for this?

Short question: Do you plan to do the same for the "Hamburg-Lubeck" lines (RE8 or RE80 services) and "Tharandter Rampe (Dresden-Chemnitz)" for the RE3 or RB30 services?

Avatar of folylantern
folylantern 28 Dec 2022

Hey glad you like it :) About the other routes, they will probably come after soon, About the 143 and 112, unfortunately you can’t open the doors in cab, i get past this by just opening doors from the outside until DTG releases a N Wagen Compatible 143, to my knowledge no 143 or 112 spawn behind N Wagens waiting on feedback from community, if it does i’ll make a 143 / 112 Disable Mod :)

Avatar of VinceOurs
VinceOurs 28 Dec 2022

Thank you for your reply.
Regarding the door problem, I will wait for an update from Dovetail and use the door opening from the outside.
Regarding the BR112 and BR143, I did some tests at different times from Munich. On the 05:29, 09:35 and 11:35 departures, I had an N-Wagens formation with a BR143. Only the 09:35 departure was a BR110.

Avatar of Arch
Arch 29 Dec 2022

In real life, modern locomotives would not even be able to work with nwagens attached since different coupling cables and such. Maik, who worked on the loco basically implemented a workaround that allows you to have a 110 with modern dostos. The workaround is to use the dispatch menu which is tab on the keyboard. The actual buttons do not work which Maik explained himself

And it is not as simple as a update to allow the formations to happen. A whole brand new system and simulation needs to be built for it to actually be compatible with each other.

Avatar of TaurusFan
TaurusFan 29 Dec 2022

A trick i use is that i go to the cab car, set it to neutral then operate the passenger doors from there. Im not sure if this works with the new n-wagen but you can give it a try.

Avatar of VinceOurs
VinceOurs 29 Dec 2022

@TaurusFan - Thank you very much for your tip regarding the doors. Indeed it works! Big thanks !
@Folylantern - Thanks again for this mod. Look forward to seeing these N-Wagens running on other lines ;)

Avatar of VuurKip
VuurKip 28 Dec 2022

Great mod! Question: is the KWG ICE3 on HRR in one of the images a public mod?

Avatar of Arch
Arch 29 Dec 2022

Yes. Don't know what the mod is. There are no ice3 services on hrr be default. Only freight, ic, regional, re, rb and sbahn services.

Avatar of folylantern
folylantern 29 Dec 2022

hey glad you enjoy it :), the ICE3 in this picture is another subsitution im planning for a few IC services just not to be released soon tho, another way to get the ICE3 on HRR was a Mod by TaskPlays i think or Foobian, which is also a timetable change, i tried both the mods together and found out they don’t interfere with each other :)

Avatar of TaurusFan
TaurusFan 29 Dec 2022

Very good mod! It's way better than just seeing Dosto's the whole time. Can you please make timetables with the dosto's from KWG into BRO? It would make the station more alive than just having N-Wagen.

Avatar of folylantern
folylantern 29 Dec 2022

Thank you :), I think there are already a few Dosto’s at Bremen Hbf, If you mean subsituting N Wagens for Dosto’s, I will include it in a mini mod page I’m planning :)

Avatar of TaurusFan
TaurusFan 29 Dec 2022

Well no, i didn't mean that. There are already timetables with the Dosto's. They just can't be accessed by the user since it drives somewhere else in the route.

Avatar of hebe314711436
hebe314711436 30 Dec 2022


Avatar of TCHOZN
TCHOZN 30 Dec 2022

It would be very nice to have this on RSN... Great work so far! :)

Avatar of folylantern
folylantern 30 Dec 2022

Thanks :) , I was working on it but keeps crashing the game, so I put it too side for now, might get back at it a bit later :)

Avatar of Dinosbacsi
Dinosbacsi 31 Dec 2022

Wanted to say the same. RSN is the only german route I have bought myself (the other two german routes I have are the ones that came with TSW2 and TSW3, but neither really interest me) and I love that route and it would be fun to get this route and drive the N wagens on RSN.

Hope you succeed @folylantern, keep up the good work!

Avatar of TCHOZN
TCHOZN 31 Dec 2022

Yeah... They fit on RSN the most, if not perfectly...

Avatar of VinceOurs
VinceOurs 31 Dec 2022

Many thanks for the update on the Dresden-Chemnitz line. It's a pleasure to ride with this material on this line! Thanks to you !

Avatar of folylantern
folylantern 31 Dec 2022

you are very welcome, enjoy :)

Avatar of wunder99
wunder99 3 Jan 2023

Es wäre schön, wenn die Dostos-Garnituren nicht einfach ersetzt werden würde, sondern die n-Wagen als Alternative fahren, sodass per Zufgall entschieden wird, ob n-Wagen, Dostos oder in Dresden auch Talents kommen. Sodass man, wenn man selbst fahren möchte, auch die Vanilla-Formationen im Fahrplan-Menü wählen kann.

Avatar of Morelocolayer
Morelocolayer 4 days ago

Please update BR110 + N Wagen Timetable Services for Rapid Transit, MSB, RSN and KWG Route.
Because to many dosto making boring.

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