Weathered/RustyRails addons (ongoing)

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Files that change the appearance of the rails to varying degrees of corrosion dependant on use. These files will work in combination with other enhancement packs.


!TS2Prototype-CrossCityRustyrails.pak 178 KB · Downloaded 127× !TS2Prototype-ECWrustedrails.pak 178 KB · Downloaded 270× !TS2Prototype-GWErustedrails.pak 178 KB · Downloaded 255× !TS2Prototype-LDNCommrustedrails.pak 178 KB · Downloaded 262× !TS2Prototype-SEHSrustyrails.pak 178 KB · Downloaded 274× !TS2Prototype-TVLRustedrails.pak 178 KB · Downloaded 217×


Avatar of Railroader
Railroader 21 days ago

Excellent work! Are you able to make them for the US routes?

Avatar of ROB S
ROB S 21 days ago

At some point. I dont have some of the US routes, but should work if I find out the route names.

Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 11 days ago

Very good job !

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