"Hauptstrecke München - Augsburg" Scenery Update

[ENG] Get ready to see MAG in a New Light :), As you might have realised the realease of Bremen - Oldenburg might have had some problems, but the Scenery and Vegetation were very well made, So i took the time to replace almost all of the vegetation on MAG for the Vegetation of Bremen - Oldenburg, as well as other things in the scenery for you to find out, The Ballast is the only texture not from Bremen Oldenburg, but from Dresden Riesa so you will need that too if you want the new ballast, you can also find a pak without a Ballast Update, Enjoy :))

[DEU] Machen Sie sich bereit, MAG in einem neuen Licht zu sehen :), Wie Sie vielleicht bemerkt haben, hatte die Version von Bremen - Oldenburg einige Probleme, aber die Landschaft und die Vegetation waren sehr gut gemacht, also habe ich mir die Zeit genommen, fast die gesamte Vegetation auf MAG für die Vegetation von Bremen - Oldenburg zu ersetzen, sowie andere Dinge in der Landschaft für Sie herauszufinden, Der Schotter ist die einzige Textur nicht von Bremen Oldenburg, sondern von Dresden Riesa, so dass Sie das auch brauchen, wenn Sie den neuen Schotter wollen, Sie können auch einen pak ohne Ballast Update finden, Viel Spaß :))

Required Payware / Benötigte Payware:

Hauptsrecke München - Augsburg
Bahnstrecke Bremen - Oldenburg
Bahnstrecke Dresden - Riesa

if you notice any bugs please do let me know! / Wenn irgendwelche fehler bemerkt werden, gibt ruhig bescheid !

Installation Instructions

Drag the pak file into your DLC folder
Program Files 86x ---> Steam ---> steamapps ---> Common ---> Train Sim World 3 ---> WindowsNoEditor ---> TS2Prototype ---> Content ---> DLC

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!FLMAGUpdate.pak 10 MB · Downloaded 261×

With DRA Ballast

!FLMAGUpdateNoBallast.pak 6 MB · Downloaded 54×

With Vanilla Ballast


Avatar of FreezeLP
FreezeLP 15 days ago

Very Nice Mod! I hope you are doing this for more routes!

Avatar of folylantern
folylantern 14 days ago

thank you :) , yes more routes are coming

Avatar of Stexred
Stexred 14 days ago

good job
just a question is it possible to replace 2d trees for 3d trees by modding?

Avatar of folylantern
folylantern 14 days ago

Replacing 2D Trees for 3D trees I think would be a bit of a complicated procedure, plus also I think it would totally ruin performance, So i don't think so :/

Avatar of Jalio
Jalio 9 days ago

Great work with the other routes too! But using either of these it seems to make the BR403 on MAG disappear. Can you check your end to see if this happens?

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