Class 465, 375 & 395 Interior PIS Enhancements

  • by Cash
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Changes the interior PIS on the SEHS Class 465 & 375 to be more true to life, removing the safety and security text and replacing it with "Welcome aboard this Southeastern Service to {final destination} calling at {station list} and {final destination}".

Also changes the interior and side PIS on the SEHS Class 395 to alternate between "{final destination}" and "Calling at {station list} and {final destination}" every 10 seconds.


375pisfixes.pak 67 KB · Added 26 Apr 2023 · Downloaded 506×

File for the 375 PIS changes

395pisfixes.pak 4 KB · Added 5 May 2023 · Downloaded 288×

File for the 395 PIS changes

465pisfixes.pak 65 KB · Added 27 Apr 2023 · Downloaded 456×

File for the 465 PIS changes


Avatar of Boa
Boa 27 Apr 2023

When does the 465 pak file release? The current one doesnt seem to change it for me, only the 375 one changes.

Avatar of Cash
Cash 27 Apr 2023

Yup, that's my bad. I am currently waiting for the moderators to accept my edit request for this mod, and then the 465 file will show up too :)

Avatar of Boa
Boa 27 Apr 2023

okay thanks :)

Avatar of Haramb1t
Haramb1t 30 Apr 2023

Any plans to fix the class 395 PIS ones?

Avatar of Cash
Cash 4 May 2023

@Haramb1t, yes I did indeed create one for the 395, I shall update this mod page tomorrow :)

Avatar of Boa
Boa 5 May 2023

The 395 already has one by default (or its a mod I have)

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