KWG 193 Enhancementpack [small]

This mod replaces the headlight textures with more realistic ones and fixes the numbers and Railpool logos on the sides to be more realistic.


Redstoneia's_mod_readme.txt 2 KB · Added 6 Oct 2023 · Downloaded 460× RS-KWG193-Enhancementpack.pak 12 MB · Added 23 Mar 2024 · Downloaded 599×

1.0: release
1.1: Adjusted the headlight colour
1.2: Adjusted the headlight colour again, fixed the loco numbers and the Railpool logo on the sides to fit the Railpool Vectron A17 locos irl
1.2.1: Little name change
1.3: Fixed the upper high beam textures
1.4: Fixed the brightness of the upper high beam texture (again lol) to make it even more realistic

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Avatar of Emeraldzebra
Emeraldzebra 6 Oct 2023

Need to see a before and after comparison in the pictures as they dont look any different to me

Avatar of Myron
Myron 6 Oct 2023


Avatar of wunder99
wunder99 5 Jan 2024

Der alte Dateiname war RS-KWG193-enhancementpack.pak, richtig?

Avatar of Redstoneia
Redstoneia 6 Jan 2024

RS-DRA193-enhancementpack.pak war der alte Dateiname.

Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 12 Mar 2024

Good job !

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6 Oct 2023
23 Mar 2024
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Railpool BR 193 Vectron Loco