TSW 4 FKA Intermodal Container mods

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These mods will alter the Containers featured on GWE and Peterborough Doncaster-

PBDFKA combo1pak - Is the 1st of a host of upcoming combinations. They will offer custom combinations of Container liveries.
This file will offer - Seaco (blue), MSC (yellow) Evergreen (green white) and Evergreen (white green). The game spawns containers in different formations, however the dominant Container tends to be the one thats replaced the random generic containers. In this case the Seaco Container.
PDFKAcombo2pak - MSC (red), MSC (yellow), Evergreen (white\green), and Malcolm Logistics(blue) being the dominant Container.
PDFKAcombo4 - MSC (red) COSCO, China Shipping and Tex.
PDFKACombo5 -Yang Ming, COSCO, P and O, Tex.
PDFKACombo6 - PO Blue, PO\Ned Lloyd, Salmarine and Maersk Sealand.
PDBFKACombo7 -ONE, Hamburg Sud, Hapag Lloyd and Salmarine.
PDBFKACombo8 -ONE, Hamburg Sud, Hapag Lloyd and Hyundai.
PDBFKACombo9 -ONE, Hamburg Sud, Hapag Lloyd and Samskip.

FKAFormationpak - This changes up the GWE timetable formations to have empty wagons within rakes, this is included in the full GWE ep options. So you dont need this if you have that installed.

GWE20FKATesco.pak - This introduces the Tesco Container livery, and can be used to form complete rakes, in free roam on any route. Select GWE 66 and the 20FKA formation. (delete the GWE 66 and replace with a loco of your choice. If you like.) This is an alternative to the FKA formation.pak above. They wont work together.

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This isnt a requirement but will offer a seperate option (Chinese branded Containers) With thanks to KCRC, for getting this published.


PBDFKAcombo6.pak 3 MB · Added 3 Apr 2024 · Downloaded 136× PBDFKAcombo9.pak 662 KB · Added 3 Apr 2024 · Downloaded 134× PDBFKAcombo8.pak 1 MB · Added 3 Apr 2024 · Downloaded 117× PDFKAcombo4.pak 4 MB · Added 26 Mar 2024 · Downloaded 189× PDFKACombo7.pak 693 KB · Added 3 Apr 2024 · Downloaded 122× RobPDBFKACombo5.pak 3 MB · Added 27 Mar 2024 · Downloaded 153× TS2Prototype-FKAformation.pak 7 KB · Added 18 Oct 2023 · Downloaded 547× TS2Prototype-GWE20FKATesco.pak 427 KB · Added 18 Oct 2023 · Downloaded 530× TS2Prototype-PDFKAcombo1.pak 2 MB · Added 18 Oct 2023 · Downloaded 606× TS2Prototype-PDFKAcombo2.pak 2 MB · Added 18 Oct 2023 · Downloaded 564×


Avatar of KCRCRailway
KCRCRailway 18 Oct 2023

I got some ideas that I wish you may consider, Restoneia already did the China Shipping one so hopefully it will be quite convinient to make it work for your mod, hopefully you will also consider the 3 other option with CR Express being my favourite one
YXE Container
China Shipping Container
COSCO Container
And hopefully CR Express Container too

Avatar of KCRCRailway
KCRCRailway 23 Mar 2024

For people who wonder if it got progress: It did, Rob S kindly allow me to distribute seperately

Avatar of jaspericc
jaspericc 5 Nov 2023

Thanks for the effort for making these fabulous liveries, any chance we could see YangMing branding for the fregiht car?

Avatar of KCRCRailway
KCRCRailway 27 Mar 2024

Available now

Avatar of lt_pete_axeman_drysdale

I have recently put this in and added all this PAK files and havent seen any changes to my containers. Is there a conflict issue or what can i put together to make these work?

Avatar of ROB S
ROB S 17 Mar 2024

Hi, for ECML Only try Combo 1 or Combo 2 not both.

Avatar of CookieBot
CookieBot 31 Mar 2024

Sorry to be thick but can I add multiple packs? Ie. 2, 4 and 5 to vary up the rakes?

Avatar of KCRCRailway
KCRCRailway 31 Mar 2024

To Cookie Bot: Nope

Avatar of scip
scip 3 Apr 2024

i only have to choose one of these files right ?

Avatar of ROB S
ROB S 3 Apr 2024

Only choose 1 of the 9 PD options yes.

Avatar of scip
scip 3 Apr 2024

thx :)

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3 Apr 2024
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