TSW2/3 Dosto RT

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Servus Here is the Dosto Soundmod for TSW2/3 from Rapid Transit

What's new

-Windscreen wipers on/OFF

-Windshield wiper sounds

-Hiss during emergency brake


-Outside sound / inside sound

-New! Automatic air conditioning switches on and off again after 6-7 minutes everything audible


-Classic Dosto squeal and hum of the brake when braking

-Driving sounds slow/medium/fast

-Curve sounds

-Driver's cab door

-Driver's cab window

-Drive lever

-Airflow when the brake is applied
-Announcement Next station/terminus

-Announcement door release when selecting direction

-Driver's cab air conditioning Activates when turning V

-Release auxiliary brake

-Air conditioning passenger compartment

-Buffer sounds

  • Passage door from the car

-Entry and exit door sounds

-Brake air sounds when applying and releasing the brake

On good german said everything except glass door and switch are new yes

Known issues on my part and from testers

-Macro Stops immediately as if it's cut DTG error

-No PZB sound why this is, I can not say because I have already taken the PZB sound for a vehicle and it worked there

-Windshield wiper sound. If the windshield wiper goes to the right there is no sound because the sound comes only with the other sound when it arrives on the left. From 130 km/h, however, the sound is right again.

The last driving sound so the screeching at very high speed comes from YouTube with permission to use / upload A big thank you goes to Gumble444 for the permission


Installation Instructions

?:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Train Sim World 3\WindowsNoEditor\TS2Prototype\Content\DLC


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Avatar of captjohnmcr
captjohnmcr 27 days ago

This mod sounds amazing sofar for what i can hear. I cant seem to get the train to move ive trried to tuen the loco off bak on brake key on forward realease breaks and power. Nothing happing stays at red on the HUD. Any ideas where im going wrong, TSW3 no mods except this.

Avatar of Arch
Arch 26 days ago

So it seems like the dostos that comes with the 182 don't want to move. It's been reported in the forums and I have this issue too. Works fine with the other dostos though

Avatar of Hand92250
Hand92250 26 days ago

Good job !

Avatar of DenisJura
DenisJura 18 days ago

Thanks a lot Justus for your mode !
for this Problem :
All services using Dbpbfza with the DB BR 182 do not work: the train does not start. I created a ticket for DTG today.
Edit : with the 143 same problem..

Avatar of Justus
Justus 8 days ago

Yes this is known the problem has nothing to do with the mod DTG hats messed up again

Avatar of ZUHN
ZUHN 6 days ago


Avatar of ZUHN
ZUHN 6 days ago


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