Safety Valve-B-Gone

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This mod makes the safety valve on the Spirit of Steam Jubilee/8F, and the Rivet West Cornwall Steam Railtour Jubilee significantly quieter. While not realistic, it makes the driving experience much less loud and easier on the ears.

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Avatar of Rich 84
Rich 84 23 Apr 2023

From what I've read, the safety valve shouldn't go off as frequent as it does & I'm glad someone made it quieter.

Avatar of Arch
Arch 24 Apr 2023

this was the main reason why I haven't played sos in a really long time so I'm happy this got

Avatar of CowBoy Wolf
CowBoy Wolf 24 Apr 2023

Great now can you do the annoying whining sound on the BR 185's?

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23 Apr 2023
23 Apr 2023
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Spirit of Steam: Liverpool Lime Street - Crewe, West Cornwall Steam Railtour