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Hello, I have created the announcements for the East Coastway DLC.
The announcements have a filter to sound as realistic as possible. In combination with the driving sounds you will get the best driving experience.
You can use the announcements with the external programmes FIS2005 or Soundpad (Steam), for example.

NOW VERSION 3 (important fix)

Currently available announcements:

Brighton to Seaford
Seaford to Brighton
Brighton to Ore (via Eastbourne)
Ore to Brighton (via Eastbourne)

If you like it, I will create more announcements.

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Announcements East Coastway VERSION 2 MB · Added 7 days ago · Downloaded 85×

IMPORTANT fix for the correct announcement title in Soundpad and other playback programmes. I recommend adding the mp3 files again if the title of the announcement is displayed incorrectly.

Previously uploaded files have been downloaded 312 times before being withdrawn.


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Simon 19 days ago

Hi I have absolutely no idea what FIS2005 or Soundpad (Steam) software is or how to incorporate it into the game; however, I have standalone laptop that sits next to my game PC, so I downloaded the sound files onto this and manually select each station as approaching it to listen to the PA messages, its not ideal but its not too shabby either, it adds an extra layer of realism to the game. So big thanks and I look forward to more route files. PS there are a few platforms missing on the Eastcoastway route.

Avatar of Mulumbu
Mulumbu 18 days ago

FIS2005 is a very old programme with which you can play back announcements. But it is very confusing. I recommend you buy Soundpad from Steam or from the developer's website. It only costs 4.99 euros. It is a very simple playback programme and can be used with hotkeys. You drag all mp3 files into Soundpad and can even create your own categories for each line. I have assigned the Q key as "Next song" and can simply press the key in TSW and then the next announcement is played in the background. It's very simple. Can you tell me which announcements are missing? The list of currently available announcements is actually complete. Thank you.

EDIT: I recognised the mistakes you mentioned. I'll fix that today and make it available as version 3.

Avatar of Simon
Simon 10 days ago

Hey, so I finally found time to download sounpad and load all the available routes in their respective categories, still messing around tweaking the hotkeys as it's nice to sometime replay the same message before jumping to the next file (station). Got some way to go but loving the immersion in the game. Do you plan on producing any other routes? just wondering how easy it is to generate the voices using AI? Cheers

Avatar of Mulumbu
Mulumbu 8 days ago

That sounds very cool. I'm glad you like it. Yes, I'm making more announcements, for example for the upcoming DLC Goblin Line London Overground, the announcements are already finished and will be published when the DLC is released. And at the moment I'm trying to make announcements for London Underground Bakerloo Line, but I'm not satisfied with the immersion yet. So that will take some time. Creating announcements with Ai voice takes hours, depending on the route. You have to type in each announcement by hand and generate it several times, because not every attempt produces the best result. Then you have to edit everything in an external programme and add the effects. Then you have to label everything in the correct order and do it all over again, because the journey to the other terminus often has different announcements.

Avatar of Crumbled
Crumbled 18 days ago

very good! Do you think some for the London Commuter DLC may be possible?

Avatar of Mulumbu
Mulumbu 18 days ago

Sure. Which London Commuter lines would you like to see? I can start, but it will take a while, everything will come bit by bit. But you can tell me which ones I should do first.

Avatar of Crumbled
Crumbled 17 days ago

I'd say the ones you can get the farthest on, for example Brighton, Littlehampton (Preston Park), Portsmouth Hbr/Bognor Regis (Three Bridges) and mabye a few of the metro services. This is just a few suggestions but feel free to do what you want to do.

Avatar of Crumbled
Crumbled 15 days ago

sorry i hadnt realised yet, but most of these use ai voices????

Avatar of Mulumbu
Mulumbu 15 days ago

Yes, all announcements are ai generated.

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Crumbled 15 days ago


Avatar of Mulumbu
Mulumbu 15 days ago

Better than no announcements.

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