Amtrak Quilling K5LA for Run8

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This is my original audio shown in my youtube video here:


Run8 train Simulator V2

Installation Instructions

Simply download the file, and move it into your Run8 Horns folder.

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Trainlover910 8 Aug 2021

I Watched the Yt vid and I love that K5LA! the only problem is, is that while doing a different mod I accidentally deleted the original K5LA and I cant recover it. Is there any way you can link me a copy of the original K5LA file? Thank you!

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Zach H 12 Aug 2021

On Google look up "The Depot Server". If you go to their website, you can download the "V2 Freebie Horn Pack" and you can grab the original K5LA .xsb and .xwb files.

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Trainlover910 13 Aug 2021

Many Thanks!

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All I can say is wow! what amazing sound quality. I hope this isn't rude of me asking. But, do you plan to make any other horn sounds for Run 8? It would be awesome! Again, I hope I don't sound ungrateful. I just love the quality of the sounds. Thank you for making this (:

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