Weathered BNSF H3 ES44

  • by Brandon
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this is a weathered BNSF ES44 in the H3 scheme. uploaded and weathered with permission from DEXIF repaints

Installation Instructions

drag drop the installed tx8 file to C:\Run8Studios\Run8 Train Simulator V3\Content\V3RailVehicles\Body

Additional Comments

please note the truck textures in the pictures is not available

Tags: es44 es44dc ex-bnsf gevo h3 run8 v3 weathering


Run8_ES44_Body_BNSF02.tx8 11 MB · Added 27 Feb 2022 · Downloaded 505×


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IC 9612 27 Feb 2022


Avatar of IC 9612
IC 9612 27 Feb 2022

Saids nice, but don't have run8 ._.

Avatar of Brandon
Brandon 3 Mar 2022


Avatar of Eisenfaust
Eisenfaust 20 Jul 2022

Good reskin, it would be great to do the same for TS. And also for the overly orange SD70ACe

Avatar of CHEVROLET77
CHEVROLET77 24 May 2022

hello can someone help me.....i try to rskin but this happens when i put them in the game

Avatar of skootnboot21
skootnboot21 16 Jun 2022

make sure you have correct body.tx8 file and always back up the original files

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