Ferromex EMD SD70ACe #4087

A wisely-requested ISO-cab version of the FXE SD70ACe.


Requires the DRGW Green River Route (OpenRails) for any of the SD70ACe shapes. Shape file management is required.

Cabview is aliased to Borislav Miletic's SD70ACDC cab and sounds are aliased to MLW_710G3CII prime mover sounds.

  1. Copy UP_SD70ACE_8385.s to the extracted folder. Rename it FXE_SD70ACe_4087.s
  2. De-compress the file in SFM and change the first two lines to FXE_ACE_4087a.ace, and FXE_ACE_4087b.ace, then save the file.
  3. Re-compress the file in SFM.

Original model and textures by Danny Beck/SLI/TrainSimulations. Freight animation by Jeff Auberpine. Original repaint by Enrique Castellanos, upgraded textures and renumber by Zach Bell.


FXE_SD70ACE_ISO.zip 3 MB · Added 4 Nov 2022 · Downloaded 212×


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Great work Zach...

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4 Nov 2022
4 Nov 2022
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