BNSF Seligman Route Physics Overhaul

This is a complete engine and wagon physics replacement for the OpenRails version of the TrainSimulations BNSF Seligman Route. Updates all locomotives and rolling stock to use highly detailed physics made with the most recent builds of OpenRails in mind. Does not overwrite any original files, making heavy use of include (.inc) files. Compatible with OpenRails testing and unstable builds only.

PSC physics overhauls are modifications that seek to enhance the experience of MSTS and OpenRails content by completely re-implementing engines and wagons from the ground up. Years of research and the newest OpenRails features (sometimes features I have implemented myself) are used to their fullest extent to create the most accurate, and most obsessively detailed, driving experience possible. For classic MSTS routes, this means substantially increased compatibility with OpenRails and much more realistic physics. Newer routes aren't left out though, as physics tweaks can subtly improve realism above the original and the addition of new features prevents content from going stale. And extensive use of "include" files allows for consistent, shared behavior across years of content and trivializes adding new OpenRails features, all without touching any original files.


All freight and passenger car sounds in this mod use the North American V-Scale Car Sounds v2.5 from Follow this link and click "search" to find the car sound download. An account is required to download anything from

This mod will not function fully with the stable release of OpenRails. The testing version can be downloaded as a .zip file from the OpenRails github. (This version of the mod should work with T1.5.1-664 or later, after the addition of air flow meters.)


BNSF SELIGMAN ROUTE | TrainSimulations

While the mod will not break if the Seligman Route is missing, the route is required for the mod to do anything.

Installation Instructions

  1. Unzip the included .zip file somewhere you will remember.
  2. Locate the main content folder where the BNSF Seligman Route is installed. This is the folder which contains the GLOBAL, ROUTES, TRAINS, etc. folders.
  3. Copy the TRAINS folder from the .zip file and paste it in the main content folder, merging it with the TRAINS folder already present.
  4. No original files will be replaced, but if PSC mods have been installed previously you may be prompted to replace files. Only replace files if installing a more recent mod version.
  5. The mod is now installed. To verify it is functional, start any activity with a modified locomotive and hit F1 to open the help menu. If the "Procedures" tab has a note starting with "Physics modifications by pschlik are installed!", then the mod is working.
  • If the mod does not activate, verify that the driven locomotive is included in the mod, and verify that the files were copied to the correct folder. You should have a "Common_psc" folder inside TRAINS\TRAINSET, alongside all the folders for the original rolling stock.

Additional Comments

  • All locomotives will use modified versions of the default sounds provided with the original product. To change the sound set used, look inside the "" files in each train's OpenRails folder and change the sound aliasing there. Beware that the custom engine RPM values used by the mod may lead to unintended results with other sound sets.
  • Similarly, all cabviews are aliased to modified versions of the default cabviews. If custom cabviews are desired, aliasing must be manually changed in the preset file, similar to sounds.
  • Freight and passenger car sounds use a modified version of the NAVS Freight Car Sounds. Unlike locomotives, wagon sound references are in the .inc files present inside TRAINS\TRAINSET\Common_psc\Wagon_Preset.
  • Changing physics will always have the risk of creating unintended (maybe harder, maybe easier) experiences in activities. I cannot guarantee that the activity experience will be the same with this mod, and from playtesting I know that some activities will not work as intended.
  • The mod is intended to be used with Options -> Experimental -> Adhesion factor correction set to 100%, but setting this above 100% can be used to reduce the risk of a train stalling in some activities.
  • Mixing stock with physics enhancement and stock without enhancements should technically work but is not intended by me nor intended by the original content creators. This is done at your own risk.

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