About the locomotive:

The Chesapeake & Ohio bought 72 SD40 locomotives from EMD from 1966-70. The Baltimore & Ohio bought 17 SD40s as well, selling 9 to the Central RR of New Jersey in 1969. Many of the locomotives lasted through 1980 wearing their original paint schemes, with a few being painted in the Chessie colors in the mid-1970s. It seems Chessie repaints increased after the footboards were removed in 1978, but a few units retained their original paint into CSX.

These three packs include 6 C&O locomotives in total as they would have appeared in 1976-78. The units have footboards, as well as ACI barcodes. They are a bit dirty, and are numbered in the Chessie-era 7500-series. The packs feature four of the five detail versions of the B&O/C&O SD40s.

This locomotive was built in Train Sim Modeler using Tim Muir's couplers. Textures were made in GIMP 2.8, using drawings by Micheal Eby and Rick Johnson and research photos from my collection and the internet. I used Polymaster to finish the shape, and TGATool2a to convert the textures.
Jon Clark provided cabview images that have been used in the control stand textures.

Installation Instructions

You must be using MSTSBin for the units to function correctly in MSTS. These are meant to be used in Open Rails, but they will not crash MSTS if you choose to use them there. There may be visual glitches as they were not intended to be used in MSTS other than in the MSTS Activity Editor when making activities.

Sounds are aliased to the default SD40-2. Feel free to change them to use your favorite SD40/645Turbo sounds. For accuracy, the sound .sms files are named to feature the correct horn as modeled in the engine shape. For these units, a Leslie S3L is the modeled horn.

Move the C&O_SD40_7531" folder to your TRAINSET folder. Create consist and enjoy!

Additional Comments

OpenRails B&O/C&O SD40 1970s Pack
Renumber By Thomas Schilling
Original TSM Model and Textures by P. Tyler Bundy
Couplers by Tim Muir
Drawings by Micheal Eby and Rick Johnson
Fonts by Pete Willard
Some Cabview photos by Jon Clark
Original SD40 physics by Bob Bodouin
ORTS physics originally developed by Gerry Storey for the ICG SW14s. Edited to SD40 by P. Tyler Bundy.


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