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This is a simple repaint to compliment the BN E8 repaint pack done by Logan Thurman (Logan20131) available at Railworks America ( RWA ).
I have modified the numbers and made the orange and white stripes on the front of the locomotive.
This repaint adds loco 9904 with orange and white stripes. It includes a version with driver and one without.

A known issue from the previous BN E8 repaint pack is that you can't change the loco number in-game. This needs to be repainted in the textures.
As far as I know, I did not use any physics mods or any other sound mods on the E8.


It is necessary to own the Amtrak E8 DLC from Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/678002/Train_Simulator_Amtrak_E8_Loco_AddOn/
I also highly recommend to get Logan's BN E8 repaint pack: http://railworksamerica.com/index.php/download-library/engine-repaints?view=document&id=2784:bn-e8&catid=18:engine-repaints

Installation Instructions

1 - Paste the Assets folder into your Railworks folder.

2 - Then go to Assets\DTG\AmtrakE8Pack01\RailVehicles\Diesel\EMD-E8-Amtrak\Engine and COPY E8-A Amtrak Phase II.GeoPcDx
Please note that the file needed can also be inside of the AmtrakE8Pack01Assets.ap file.

3 - Paste the E8-A Amtrak Phase II.GeoPcDx file into Assets\DTG\AmtrakE8Pack01\RailVehicles\Diesel\EMD-E8-Amtrak\EngineBN9904

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Hoosiermike91 14 Aug 2021

Great Job. Love this alot

Avatar of Otto Von Kiel
Otto Von Kiel 20 Jan 2024

Love it!!

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10 Aug 2021
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