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This pack includes all 3 existent series of “ballast wagons” of the Us series
and their respective differences. It also includes the Us from CP with and
without extra borders for extra cargo, the Us wagons of CP with the Sogral
logo as well as the Medway Us with their two liveries used ( brown and gray
liveries ). These wagons are also used for sand transportation.

All wagons have loaded versions with sand or ballast. There are of course
also unloaded versions.
On this first versions, only wagons with compressed air are being released.
This means there isn't vacuum brake system on them. During day time, the
rear plate sign is used. During night time, a lamp is used. In a future version, I
might be able to also bring a variant with only lamp light being used both
during day and night time.
The wagons have dynamic numbering and they also have the full UIC
numbering to prevent double numbers in-game.

The wagons were modelled to represent their real Iberian gauge of 1668mm as opposed to most track sets which are built with Standard European gauge of 1435mm. Essentially, these wagons are to be used only with Portuguese or Spanish routes that have such tracks.

For further information, please check the included manuals in English and Portuguese language.

Installation Instructions

Installation of this wagon pack can be done via the utilities.exe within the
Railworks folder OR you can just open the .rwp file with 7zip and extract the
Assets and Manuals folders into your Railworks folder.
In-game, you will have to first create a scenario to use them. For now, no
preloads are provided with the exception of premade wagon consists for the
scenario editor only. See the screenshot below how to activate them in the
scenario editor: Look for RC-PT on the Asset providers.

Additional Comments

For any sugestions, questions or feedback please send me a message here.

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