Metrolink F40PHR #800 Repaint

  • by Brandon
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this repaint was made by a friend of mine w/ the help of me.
-TRS PacSurf radio
-Ditch Lights
-P2 Horn


Amtrak F40PH California Zephyer ($8.99)

Chris & Jere's Paint Shed Amtrak 90208 NPCU (Free)

TruRail Simulations GE P42DC EP (Free)

Installation Instructions

READ is provided

Additional Comments

thx to 800RailProductions for doing the repaint

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SCAX 800 F40PHR.7z 9 MB · Added 18 Dec 2021 · Downloaded 497×


Avatar of Zephyr06
Zephyr06 18 Dec 2021

Is there a way to do this without the batch file? What is the manual way to do it? For me the K5LA from the amtrak and the P2 are overlapping.

Avatar of Brandon
Brandon 19 Dec 2021

the batch file literally does what youre manually doing autonomously. must be a u issue

Avatar of Zephyr06
Zephyr06 19 Dec 2021

I double click the batch file and it does nothing, so I don't know what that is.

Avatar of Brandon
Brandon 19 Dec 2021

it does something, its just 1 line of code so it does its business near instantaneous

Avatar of Zephyr06
Zephyr06 21 Dec 2021

In that case why does the sound from the f40 and the metrolink f40 overlap?

Avatar of Brandon
Brandon 22 Dec 2021

idk m8. just reinstall it

Avatar of BritishRail60062
BritishRail60062 18 Mar 2022

Nice work. Thank you!

To anyone having problems. I would recommend clear cache once you are done on the installation. It makes the game less prone to glitching out.

Avatar of Aces's TS mods
Aces's TS mods 24 Sept 2022

my horn is only the p2 :c it should have k5la to for quill

Avatar of Brandon
Brandon 28 Sept 2022


Avatar of Aces's TS mods
Aces's TS mods 11 Oct 2022

Help then

Avatar of Aces's TS mods
Aces's TS mods 23 Oct 2022

why are there no decals bc ther is on the mp36

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