PLM SD40 2 Pack

A 2 pack of PLM 40s including: 3000 (clean) & 3004 (weathered). You could traditionally find these units in the 90s/2000s on the D&H & Conrail following CP's take over in 1991.

Let me know if you have issues or questions below!

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PLM SD40 2 68 MB · Added 13 Jun 2023 · Downloaded 83×


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5StarModder 13 Jun 2023

you uploaded it twice, idk if you knew
But i tested it out and its great! love this skin

Avatar of Northeast Trains
Northeast Trains 15 Jun 2023


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MetraBoy 16 Jun 2023

Where did you get the graffitied freight cars? those are nice.

Avatar of Northeast Trains
Northeast Trains 16 Jun 2023


Avatar of iliiketrains
iliiketrains 23 Jul 2023

You should try making some of your repaints for the SS BNSF Bundle, im pretty new to searchlight simulations and i would love to see some repaints for the bnsf bundle from you.

Avatar of Northeast Trains
Northeast Trains 31 Jul 2023

I have some CP repaints using the new pack that I will release

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