JR/SS UP SD40-2/UP SD40N Repaint Template

Blank reskin templates for use on the Searchlight Simulations UP SD40-2/SD40N


Searchlight Simulations UP SD40N (temporarily unavailable)


Searchlight Simulations UP SD40-2 (temporarily unavailable)

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Avatar of JuanGamer0202BR
JuanGamer0202BR 13 Mar 2022

that would be good if you post an tutorial to how can i add it to the game, i'm newer at repainting and finding tutorials on youtube with actual usefull information is kinda hard

Avatar of Northeast Trains
Northeast Trains 16 Mar 2022

Railworks America has everything you should need (that is where I learned). Here is the link: https://railworksamerica.com/index.php/learning/tutorials/item/235-repainting_locos

Avatar of MonsieurMungo
MonsieurMungo 17 Jul 2022

Will this work with the newer BNSF version?

Avatar of Ms_Wang
Ms_Wang 17 Aug 2022


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