The famed CPKC Railroad formed in April of 2023 has yet to see a locomotive with its new paint scheme. That changes now. The CPKC AC4400CWM has made its way to Train Simulator Classic in its full glory. Employees for the railroad were asked to pick between five paint schemes. The first scheme was chosen and that's what this locomotive is wearing.

As well as a render of the ES44AC.


GE 7FDL16 | Searchlight Store
GE 7FDL16 | Searchlight Store
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GE GEVO-12 | Searchlight Store
GE GEVO-12 | Searchlight Store
Searchlight Store

Installation Instructions

Copy the provided Assets folder to your RailWorks directory. Run InstallCPKCAC44.bat inside of your Assets folder.

Additional Comments

This project has been a true community effort. Here's a list of the people who helped and contributed along the way.
marty – Project Lead, 3D Modelling, Painting and Scripting
BeastWarsEnjoyer – Audio Implementation
LP - Advanced Aquatic Simulation™, Nathan K3L Horn, Graham White E-Bell and Testing
ngc – Revised Handrail Model and Various Cab Texture Improvements
Switch Point Simulations – PTC Screen Dimensions, Wabtec Logos and Colors for the Number Board Lights
bentrain14 – Type-F Coupler Model
TS Community Discord – Providing Insight on Certain Aspects of the AC4400CWM

UPDATE 1 9/15/2023
-Improved horn end sound file

UPDATE 2 9/16/2023
-Reverser insert/remove audio added

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Avatar of Jeremey Knudsen
Jeremey Knudsen 12 days ago

Nice! lots of effort

Avatar of IC 9612
IC 9612 12 days ago


Avatar of Claude350
Claude350 10 days ago

What keys are used for Spam F? The F4/F5 hud does indeed work with the units. I had no issues on my end.

Avatar of LP
LP 10 days ago

You straight up just have to spam the F key (literally) The F4 HUD is only partially compatible and the F5 HUD will display incorrect values.

Avatar of AmericanSteam
AmericanSteam 9 days ago

Great job. Good detail, nice engine sounds. I like to couple these with the KCS repaints in a consist. Only one issue I can find is the in cab horn sound. The F4 HUD seems to work in my installation. Looking forward to the next release from the team.

Avatar of LP
LP 9 days ago

Thank you!

Avatar of wrongwayfeldman
wrongwayfeldman 8 days ago

I love this engine! I can only hope you and your team will make similar mods for the Union Pacific engine this is based on!

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