CPKC Columbia Mountains

Welcome to modern day CPKC Laggan/Mountain Sub!

Our rail journey through the Canadian Selkirk Mountains promises an experience that transcends ordinary travel. It invites us to connect with the raw beauty of nature, to appreciate the rich history and cultures that have shaped this land, and to find solace in the tranquility of untouched wilderness. So come aboard and let the rhythmic chug of the train carry you into the heart of this magnificent mountain range, where dreams and reality blend seamlessly.


ABS Coupler Fix
ABS Coupler Fix

ABStudios Coupler Fix Fixes Broken and stretchy couplers


Installation Instructions

Simple copy and paste into your railworks folder.

For those who don't have it. In addition, you'll now need Yellowhead Pass Assets

Additional Comments

Patch note: Forgot to add the ABStudio coupler Fix, check now, should be listed below

Patch note: 06/17/23, patch above is for the first scenario for those who can't couple to the rest of the consist as well as making ABstudio and G-Trax SS compatable.

Patch note: 06/29/23, patch above fixes scenario 1, 2, and 3. As well as fixing the spawn at Eldon. CP Divide has proper speeds. Those who didn't downloaded the first patch, this one has those modifications as well.

Patch note: 07/10/23, patch above fixes all scenarios.

Patch Note: 08/06/23, replaced most bridges, added scenery in some regions, and small scenery (and track) corrections near KC Junction, Stephan, and Illecillewaet. The switches have been replaced with Yellowhead switches. You'll now need Yellowhead to see them. This download will have all emcompassing patches.

Patch Note: 08/14/23, Fixed improper speeds at Eldon, Partridge, Redgrave, Beavermouth, Wakely, and Glacier. Replaced Field West with a different signal.

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CPKC's Columbia Mountains V1.0.4.zip 509 MB · Added 6 Aug 2023 · Downloaded 177× Patch V1.0.5.zip 1 MB · Added 15 Aug 2023 · Downloaded 113×

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Avatar of IC 9612
IC 9612 17 Jun 2023


Avatar of Alex Fried
Alex Fried 17 Jun 2023

theres a bug with first seanrio. It starts with the tain only having 12 or racks and i cant couple on to the remainber of the train.

Avatar of ChillsN'Thrills
ChillsN'Thrills 17 Jun 2023

I'll look into it

Avatar of Missouri Pacific enthusiast

Excellent route

Avatar of KevinTwelve
KevinTwelve 18 Jun 2023

Loving this route. Keep up all the good work!

Avatar of Claude350
Claude350 22 Jun 2023

I love the route, inded. When part 1 starts, I get a messages stating HiL ES44AC can't be loaded. I'm not sure what it's looking for. Any help is appreciated.

Avatar of ChillsN'Thrills
ChillsN'Thrills 23 Jun 2023

That could be from not having UTS sound pack, because in there, it has "DPU" units as well and some (if not most) consists have that

Avatar of Claude350
Claude350 23 Jun 2023

Thank you. Heading there now to get it.

Avatar of Gsilv4013
Gsilv4013 29 Jun 2023

when i try launching it says it cannot find the NS containers

Avatar of ChillsN'Thrills
ChillsN'Thrills 2 Jul 2023

Yes, some people are having issues loading scenarios 1 & 2. I can't figure out what's going on

Avatar of CFB
CFB 30 Jun 2023
Avatar of ChillsN'Thrills
ChillsN'Thrills 2 Jul 2023

I got it listed. Thanks CFB

Avatar of Eric W 23
Eric W 23 30 Jun 2023

after installing the patch i still have the same issue when loading into sceneario 1

Avatar of ChillsN'Thrills
ChillsN'Thrills 2 Jul 2023

I'd hope this patch resolved it but I guess not. I might completely redesign the scenario 1 & 2

Avatar of Alex Fried
Alex Fried 2 Jul 2023

what issue is that?

Avatar of Ranexz_Official
Ranexz_Official 1 Jul 2023

Awsome route ! i love it !

Avatar of Trainman844
Trainman844 7 Jul 2023

So what is the JR48_TTX_CPLD8 That I cant load?

Avatar of ChillsN'Thrills
ChillsN'Thrills 11 Jul 2023

It should be the JR 48ft well cars. Are you still having that problem?

Avatar of Trainman844
Trainman844 12 Jul 2023

Just redownloaded JR packs 1and 2 and still stays missing JR48_TTX_CPLD8 So I dont know

Avatar of Train Boy
Train Boy 11 Jul 2023

Awesome route! Thank you for putting in all your time to improving it. I am having an issue though, after downloading the route, I noticed I have some signals missing (mainly the searchlight signals and a few others) ... I may have downloaded something incorrectly. If anyone has some advice to share, that would be greatly appreciated!

Avatar of ChillsN'Thrills
ChillsN'Thrills 11 Jul 2023

It could be that you installed RCAP or SMM incorrectly. Double check it’s installed within Railworks

Avatar of Train Boy
Train Boy 11 Jul 2023

Fixed it, thank you!!

Avatar of Eric W 23
Eric W 23 13 Jul 2023

train doesn't show up when you load first scenario now for me

Avatar of Trainman844
Trainman844 13 Jul 2023

It's all A mess.

Avatar of Alex Fried
Alex Fried 16 Aug 2023

how so?

Avatar of mec7898
mec7898 13 Jul 2023

Ruined main installation, also have no tracks signals show up but it ties in to main route so have to redownload route

Avatar of ChillsN'Thrills
ChillsN'Thrills 15 Jul 2023

Is it working now?

Avatar of mec7898
mec7898 25 days ago

No, redownloaded in new folder and copied over and replaced files, still ruined lol

Avatar of JAH
JAH 23 Aug 2023

Can someone please assisst with the JR 48Ft Well Cars not loading in all the senarios that ulilise them. I see them listed in the l.h.s middle fly out in the editor.

Avatar of K2rockall
K2rockall 18 days ago

Hi. I seem to be missing level crossings with this but believe I have all of the dependencies. What am I missing for the crossings?

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