Clear Tracks U30C BN 1776 [TSC Archives Collection]

This pack is part of the TSC Archives Collection, a collection of mods from the developers of yesteryear.

This reskin requires the Virtual Rail Creations Burlington Northern U30C DLC. As of July 1, 2018, VRC has ceased operations and pulled all of their products, including the BN U30C, from their eStore.

Burlington Northern, like many other railroads during the United States Bicentennial Era, dressed up a few of its locomotives to celebrate the historic event. U30C no. 1776 and SD40-2 no. 1876 were the two original bicentennial units on BN's roster; after 1876 (then numbered 1976) was involved in a grade crossing accident, SDP40 no. 6937 was hastily repainted red, white and blue and renumbered to 1976 to fill in for the damaged locomotive. After spending a few weeks being repaired in the shops, the now-renumbered 1876 returned to the high iron in its patriotic garb, thus resulting in three bicentennial locomotives on the Burlington Northern.

This special Independence Day release represents U30C no. 1776 as it appeared in its first year or two in service after being dressed up by BN.

Installation Instructions

1.) Drop the "Assets" folder into your TS2018 directory...

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks\

2.) Copy "u30c_a.GeoPcDx", "u30c_b.GeoPcDx", "u30c_c.GeoPcDx", "u30c_cab.GeoPcDx", "u30c_cabDN.GeoPcDx", and "u30c_d.GeoPcDx" from...


...and paste all six into...


Additional Comments

As requested by the mods creator you are free the modify and release your own versions of this mod without permission. All we ask is you link back to the original mod here on the TSC Mods Site. No official support is offered with the TSC Archives Packs.


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10 Apr 2024
10 Apr 2024
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