Clear Tracks EMD GP38-2 Elgin Joliet and Eastern 703 [TSC Archives Collection]

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Train Simulator: The Racetrack: Aurora - Chicago Route Add-On on Steam

Widely known as the “Windy City”, Chicago has now been brought to life in Train Simulator, in the famed route The Racetrack Aurora - Chicago. The route begins under the skyscrapers of Chicago at Union Station, making its way through the urban landscape and out into the western suburbs, journeying along past yards, stopping at 24 commuter...

Installation Instructions


*If you live outside of the US, please do not pay attention to this first step and start at step 3.

Because of licensing restrictions, those of you in the US have to follow this first step. Unfortunately due to the way these GP38-2s were set up, the EJ&E skin is referencing a Burlington Northern logo and there is no way to remove this without altering the default Ex-BN GP38-2.

1.)In your TS2017 directory, go to Assets/Barnez/BNSFChicago/System/TexturesUSA.

2.) *Back up the "TexturesUSA" file to a safe spot, and then go into it. Inside the "Logos" file which is included in this download is a texture called "BNSFlogos.TgPcDx". Drop this texture into the "TexturesUSA" file, and overwrite when asked.

  • Back this file up so you can drop it back into Assets/Barnez/BNSFChicago/System and have BN/BNSF markings on your default GP38-2s the next time you run them.

(Normal installation instructions start here).

3.) Drop the included "Assets" folder into your TS2017 directory.

4.) Copy the "GP38-2_Ex-BN.GeoPcDx" file from...


And paste it into...


5.) Copy the "GP38_Cab_Ex-BN_001.GeoPcDx" file from...


And paste it into...


6.) Copy the "Bogies", "Drivers", "Particles", "CommonScripts", "Lights", "PreLoad", and "Simulation" files from...


And paste them all into...


And that's it!

Additional Comments

As requested by the mods creator you are free the modify and release your own versions of this mod without permission. All we ask is you link back to the original mod here on the TSC Mods Site. No official support is offered with the TSC Archives Packs.

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