Tropicana Searchlight Simulations 72ft Reefer Car (Patched ex. BNSF)

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requested by Gulfcoast_aviation from the TSC Discord server. thanks for the request!


Searchlight Simulation JointedRail 72ft Reefer Car (FREE) -

Installation Instructions

extract the installed .zip file and move the "Tropicana" folder to Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks\Assets\SearchlightSimulations\JR72ft_Reefer\RailVehicles\Freight

Additional Comments

this is a patched ex bnsf, hence the abysmal covering of bnsf markings

Tags: 72ft ex-bnsf jointedrail reefer searchlight-simulations tropicana

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Avatar of BritishRail60062
BritishRail60062 24 Jan 2022

Nice mod. Thanks.

Avatar of Brandon
Brandon 25 Jan 2022


Avatar of xclusive
xclusive 15 Feb 2022

do you have the actual railcar? they've since deleted that page

Avatar of Brandon
Brandon 15 Feb 2022

no. the site is being redone

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