Union Pacific Auxiliary Tender - 2021 Era (v1.1)

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The infamous Gas Turbine Electric Locomotive (GTEL as we know it today) used two different types of tenders. One being the 23-C-GTE and the other being the 24-C-GTE. The tenders depicted in this pack are the 24-C-GTE variants. The tenders 809 and 814 are the only two in service today that have this particular configuration.

The configuration is as follows:
-Insulated and smooth-sided
-Rounded covers on the bottom curve used to hide the cylindrical electric heaters

UPP 809's History
UPP 809 was originally built in 1937 as 20-C-101. It's final assignment before excursion service was for UP 816 back in 1960. In July of 1960, its serial number was to be reassigned as 24-GTE-16 and converted to an insulated tender. In May 2003, it was renumbered UP 907856. It officially re-entered service in August of that year. Its exterior insulation was removed between late 2006 and August 2008, just in time to accompany UP 3985 with its excursion. The name of the tender was assigned as Jim Adams and it was renumbered back to 809.

UPP 814's History
UPP 814 was built in 1937 alongside 809, given the serial number 20-C-214. Its final journey in that time period was assigned with UP 807 in 1957. It was removed from its GTE setup and converted to a water storage tank in April 1972. It was reassigned as UP 907857. Shortly after, it was converted to fuel storage in Los Angeles until 1988. Union Pacific had retired the car in 1981, reinstated it in 1983, and moved to Cheyenne in 1988. It was stripped of its exterior insulation in December 2005 and completed in July 2006. The car was renumbered as 814 and named Joe Jordan, one of the crew members on the Union Pacific Steam Team.

FUN FACT: It's thought that 814 was previously numbered 807 and 812 in the process of getting its paint stripped. The old numbers were seeping through during the process This has not been confirmed, however. It's also theorized that the tender was renumbered due to its serial number ending in 14.


UPP Auxiliary Tender (1.1.0) - https://www.dsgddr.com.br/

Installation Instructions

Copy UP Aux Tender.GeoPcDx from
Assets\DSGDDR\RailSimulatorUS\RailVehicles\Freight\UP Auxiliary Tender\Def2\Wagon
and paste it in
Assets\DSGDDR\RailSimulatorUS\RailVehicles\Freight\UP Auxiliary Tender\MA_Tender\Wagon

Shows up as [MA] Union Pacific Auxiliary Tender (2021) in the game.

Additional Comments

This is a single item to choose from. Renumbering 809 and 814 will give you the appropriate decals.

There is a shading bug on the model that is preventing me from giving it a consistent color. This roots from the model itself. The paint is a solid color.

Update v1.1 Fixes

-Incorrect direction for the flag
-Incorrect size for the flag
-809 and 814 numbers too low
-Wrong decals for each number

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Jared 24 Aug 2021

I like it!

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Marty 24 Aug 2021

Thank you!

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Jared 24 Aug 2021

How do you renumber them in QD, since only one shows up.

Avatar of ilovetrainscaiden Aka Ian

Whats it called in the Custom train maker

Avatar of Marty
Marty 26 Aug 2021

[MA] Union Pacific Auxiliary Tender (2021)

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5StarModder 28 Aug 2021

This is kool I love it!

Avatar of Marty
Marty 28 Aug 2021

Thank you!

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5StarModder 23 Sept 2021

Oh how do we let the flag car to lead????

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joaoR333 29 Sept 2021

looks like the def2 file is missing, i cant find him

Avatar of legomaster1197
legomaster1197 16 Feb 2022

It's not showing up in QD or scenarios. Shows up when I am placing it down, but when I load up the scenario to test, its just the couplers.

Avatar of MetroM4
MetroM4 13 May 2022

I also am experincing the same issue as legomaster. Except for me I can't even get it to preview anywhere.

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