Amtrak Phase 3 Viewliner

This mod adds the Phase 3 paint scheme featured on Amtrak's Viewliner 2 fleet to Train Sim.


Train Simulator: Northeast Corridor: Washington DC - Baltimore Route Add-On

Installation Instructions

  1. Extract the provided "FLR P3 Viewliner" folder
  2. Move the extracted folder into C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RailWorks\Assets\DTG\WashingtonBaltimore\RailVehicles\Passenger\Amfleet2

Additional Comments

This is my first mod, so please let me know if it works in the comments. Thanks!

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[FLR] P3 Viewliner.rar 6 MB · Added 20 Mar 2022 · Downloaded 441×


Avatar of MSRT&A Productions
MSRT&A Productions 23 Mar 2022

Thanks for making this! Can you do the Phase VI next plz?

Avatar of FL Rail Creations
FL Rail Creations 23 Mar 2022

Your Welcome! Phase VI for what though?

Avatar of Nitrous_Sky
Nitrous_Sky 5 Apr 2022

Hello, i placed the viewliner in the right spot (the file), shows up in the editor, but just only shows the couplers. Nothing else. Do you have any fixes?

Avatar of FL Rail Creations
FL Rail Creations 9 Apr 2022

Yes, you may need to copy the Amtrack_Viewliner.GEOPCDX from the regular viewliner and paste it in the new one. If it asks you to replace, just hit okay. I will be fixing this in the installation instructions.

Avatar of Nitrous_Sky
Nitrous_Sky 14 Apr 2022

Sadly still doesnt work, im going to try and reinstall the game. See if that fixes it. But currently just couplers.
Edit: Works now, steam likes to add a subfolder for the addon, and putting the WashingtonBaltimore route in the main folder fixes it.

Avatar of TGP246
TGP246 14 Oct 2022

Installed like normal and now randomly this happens. Made sure .geopcdx file is in there.

Avatar of FL Rail Creations
FL Rail Creations 16 Oct 2022

I'm sorry but I'm not sure what might've caused that. I will be posting a proper redo of this project soon.

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20 Mar 2022
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