NJ Transit Destination Board Mod Pack & MLV Window Tint Fix

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These are reskinned destination boards that change destination boards from the default to include new destinations on NJT lines other than the NEC, Morristown & North Jersey Coast Line. They are compatible with all NJT DLCs for Railworks that have the Comet V Cab Car & Multilevels.
These are made in a way that replaces the default destination board with the corresponding file name, so make sure to create backups before installing.
This may also be expanded upon in the future and will likely be if there are requests. I have also made to multilevel version to the have the text in orange as it is in real life.

At the moment, the mod comes with destination boards for:
Multilevels & Comets: Gladstone, Hackettstown, Jersey Avenue, Long Branch (Corrected to IRL abbreviation), Matawan, Montclair State Univsersity, Newark, Rahway, South Amboy, Spring Valley, Summit and Waldwick.
Comets: Atlantic City and Philadelphia
Multilevels: High Bridge and Raritan.

Installation Instructions

Each destination board folder has a TgPcDx file, you will need to copy and paste them into the textures folder of the car you want to use it on.
I have made a file name for each destination board available so you don't have to make the names yourself. Choose which one you want to make the replacement with.

This is compatible with asset folders: F40PH2Pack01, GP40PHPack01, NJT-Alp46, Morristown and NorthJerseyCoast. These are located in RailWorks\Assets\DTG.
For the Comets: You will need to enter file directory of "RailVehicles\Passengers\Comet\Driving Trailer\Engine\Textures".
For the Multilevels: It is in "RailVehicles\Passengers\MultiLevel\Driving Trailer\Engine\textures\Numbers".

You can enter and modify these directories with a file manager such as WinRar or 7-Zip.
My prefered method is extracting the .AP file and then deleting it. That way you can make changes without having to open and modify and archived file everytime.

After dragging and dropping to your set directory, replace the file in destination and you're all set!
You can cycle between the boards using CTRL + SHIFT + 5 & CTRL + SHIFT + 6.

Additional Comments

DISCLAIMER: The Comet V Cab Car does not display the destination board properly and appears blank when leading with the CentralJerseyRailfan Comet Enhancement mod consists.

UPDATE (8/1/22)
This version includes replacements for all the default destination boards in the proper orange multilevel colors. I have also got rid of the tint on the Multilevel windows, so you can now see the boards clearly.
There is an addition of more boards as well.
They are:
Waldwick, Summit, Jersey Avenue, Rahway, Matawan, South Amboy, and Newark.

UPDATE (8/18/23)
I have added a couple more boards I have noticed were missing.
They are:
Comets: Waldwick, Montclair State University, Hackettstown, and Gladstone.
Multilevels: Montclair State University, Hackettstown and Spring Valley.

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Avatar of 5StarModder
5StarModder 30 Jul 2022

love it man, keep it up!

Avatar of NJTtrain7210
NJTtrain7210 30 Jul 2022

just saw today my comet didnt have some of the proper destination signs, good stuff!

Avatar of Average
Average 31 Jul 2022


Avatar of aiden0928
aiden0928 31 Jul 2022

do these works for TAS?

Avatar of Chqnces
Chqnces 31 Jul 2022

Yes; This is a reskin, not a sound mod. Therefore if you have TAS or not, there is no effect.

Avatar of Boomaglev
Boomaglev 31 Jul 2022

I cant really see the destination boards on the multilevel. Why is that?

Avatar of Chqnces
Chqnces 31 Jul 2022

It's the tint DTG added to the windows when they made them. You can see that the Comets don't have them, but the Multilevels do. This makes it harder to see the boards even with the default ones. I'll look into this and see if I can remove that tint for better visibility.
If they actually illuminated light like in real life, this wouldn't be an issue, but they were not made that way.

Avatar of Boomaglev
Boomaglev 1 Aug 2022

yea. i couldn't really see the changes to the multilevel at all at the start and some of the coaches are supposed to have destination boards on the windows. the multilevels dont have that.

Avatar of Chqnces
Chqnces 1 Aug 2022

Yeah, I noticed that too and it still bothers me a little. Thankfully I’m able to get rid of the tint, so it’ll be clearly visible in the next update.

Avatar of Boomaglev
Boomaglev 1 Aug 2022


Avatar of Boomaglev
Boomaglev 1 Aug 2022

now THATS good stuff! thx!

Avatar of Chqnces
Chqnces 1 Aug 2022

You’re welcome 👍

Avatar of Boomaglev
Boomaglev 3 Aug 2022

Question. what do you think will be your next upload?

Avatar of Chqnces
Chqnces 3 Aug 2022

You’ll have to wait and see
Won’t be far from now though :)

Avatar of Boomaglev
Boomaglev 3 Aug 2022

mk cant wait!

Avatar of Badsport_215
Badsport_215 5 Aug 2022

Just out of curiosity is it possible to permanently add new destinations to the destination signs without overwriting the default destination folders? e.g. doing Dest_Newark.TgPcDx so on and so forth?

Avatar of Badsport_215
Badsport_215 5 Aug 2022

^piggybacking from last comment but could the new destinations show up if a Comet or Multilevel has G, H, I, e.g in front of the car number when you open up a scenario editor?

Avatar of Chqnces
Chqnces 6 Aug 2022

Yeah, I see what you mean. I've thought about it before dropping this and I think it is possible (As long as nothing breaks in the process). I'll try it out soon and if so, I'll release it with both methods to choose from.

Avatar of Badsport_215
Badsport_215 8 Aug 2022

Yeah I'd want to see that if it's possible since I can't open the specific files to do it myself

Avatar of Boomaglev
Boomaglev 8 Aug 2022

i would like that too not overwriting ALL 4 files and only being able to that specific destination board

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