NJ Transit ALP-45DP Bombardier Decal and DCSV Update

This is a reskin including the Bombardier decal for the NJ Transit ALP-45DP, a lot of these units have this decal on the rear of the locomotives.
I decided to create this since it's also a good start for reskinning, (this is my first skin) and since it hasn't been created yet.
Chqnces helped with the dcsv with number changes, (so they don't match with the numbers of the heritage units)


Train Simulator: North Jersey Coast Line Route Add-On on Steam

The bustling and historic North Jersey Coast Line of NJ TRANSIT® links the New York City metropolitan area with the northern portion of America’s famed “Jersey Shore,” and does so in captivating fashion. Serving two great rail terminals – New York City’s Penn Station in Manhattan and the classic Hoboken Terminal across the Hudson River,...

Installation Instructions

In the included readme file

DCSV FILE: Drop it in the Railvehicles/Diesel/ALP45DP/Engine Folder and my Bombardier skin as well

Additional Comments

I don't mind it being reposted somewhere else, just make sure to credit me and dm me on discord (OverWatch#6289) or email me (tswtswgamer88@gmail.com)
I'll appreciate any feedback on this mod! I always want to create mods that are accurate so I will appreciate any feedback on where I can improve.

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Alp45_Numbers.dcsv 5 KB · Added 7 Apr 2023 · Downloaded 117× NJ Transit ALP-45DP Bombardier Decal.zip 13 MB · Added 6 Apr 2023 · Downloaded 124×


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