Virgin Locos Branding Patch

This pack adds Virgin Branding to the Class 86, Class 87, Class 90 as well as the Mk3 DVT.

VP Virgin Trains Branding Patch for AP Mark 2d-f Coaches
VP Virgin Branding for AP Mark 3a-b Coaches
Both found:

Virgin Branding for the HST can be found in the following pack
Class 43 Revamp Pack from:


NOTE: Only ONE of the above locos are required. It is also not an issue if you own two of them, or all three of them.


Additional Comments

Please note, I will NOT be providing any support.

Tags: class-86 class-87 class-90 dvt mk3-dvt virgin virgin-trains vt


Virgin Locos Branding 6 MB · Added 14 Aug 2023 · Downloaded 320×


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