Huddersfield Line Mk1-Mk2 Patch

This patch fixes the AO and colors on the BR Blue Mk1/Mk2 and the Regional Railways Mk2, plus a bonus Regional Railways Mk1. Special thanks to Laika for supplying the RR textures from Train Sim World!


Train Simulator: Huddersfield Line: Manchester - Leeds Route Add-On on Steam

The challenging and stunning Pennines await in Train Simulator, with the new Huddersfield Line: Manchester - Leeds route!

Installation Instructions

Run the InstallHLMk1Mk2.bat file inside of your Assets folder. It will copy the files over necessary and you won't need to do any manual installation.

Additional Comments

Known Issues:
The Mk2 coaches have a shading issue on the doors. This is a model issue and unfortunately can't be fixed.

Tags: br br-blue mk1 mk1-coach mk2 regional-railways


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Aces's TS mods 15 Nov 2022

can you do a metrolink f59phi?

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15 Nov 2022
15 Nov 2022
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