Norfolk Southern Pittsburgh Line v0.5

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Welcome to Modern day Horseshoe Curve!

Note: The Route is still a major WIP, Currently the Route runs from Altoona to Johnstown thought half of the route is complete with modern day scenery and upgraded tracks.

Also Note that the route doesn't include scenarios or Quickdrive option so the only way to run Trains is to use route editor.


Simply drag the Assets and the Content Folders into your main Railworks Folder


Requirements as listed with Links:

-APStation: think its included with UK Routes
-VulcanProductions Grass Pack and Tree Pack:
-Miami WPB:
-RCAP NorthAmerica:

Optional: (This is mostly for display equipment)

-RSC GG1Pack:
-Reppo CentipedePack:
-EMD GP7 and GP9 from Golden Age of Railroading:
-PRR PC CR Freight Cars Pack from Golden Age of Railroading:

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Norfolk Southern Pittsburgh Line 292 MB · Added 17 Apr 2023 · Downloaded 275×


Avatar of 5StarModder
5StarModder 18 Apr 2023

if anyone needs the ap station its included in this route
BTW, amazing route so far!! cant wait for the final result

Avatar of pooch
pooch 18 Apr 2023

I keep getting Failed Network error when trying to download this route. Hope this gets fixed

Avatar of pooch
pooch 18 Apr 2023

I got the route down loaded and installed. I have all that is required, the free roam that comes with route doesnot work,so I am not sure what is going on,any help would be appreciated.

Avatar of Monchito5
Monchito5 18 Apr 2023

use route editor since I didn't provide Quickdrive

Avatar of suzukisk
suzukisk 22 Apr 2023

This route Mod runs great nice modern integration, A quick drive would be handy thouth.

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