KCS Shreveport Subdivision (Heavener to Shreveport)

Click the link for the Freeware Assets (Must Have!!!)




1)VNHRR HiLine

2)HIS CSX Hanover Sub

3)DTG Clinchfield Railroad

4)SHG Livonia Division Monroe

5)RSC DonnerPass

6)GNTX Stevens Pass

7)DTG Norfolk Southern NLine

8)DTG Miami West Palm Beach

9)Thomson Edinburgh to Glasgow

10)Trains And Drivers Alaska

11)G-TraX Bessemer & Lake Erie

12)VulcanProductions Grass and Tree Packs

You must own all these routes to operate it correctly especalliy the Hi-line

Download the Asset needed for this route with link below

3DTrains is no longer with us so i have provided the req assets in this package as freeware its is not to be sold are distrubruted as payware under any guidelines that follow under EULA agreements. The only reason im supplying this is because 3dtrains have shutdown their company


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Avatar of Buzz4567
Buzz4567 23 Jan 2023

Great Route! Just D/L a bit ago and running a long FR. Just beautiful.

Avatar of pooch
pooch 23 Jan 2023

how do you change the direction of travel in Quick Drive?

Avatar of Kcsouthern32
Kcsouthern32 23 Jan 2023

To everyone having a problem with KCS Shreveport Sub QD here is a fix


Avatar of Gavin catalano
Gavin catalano 24 Jan 2023

Ok I am at a lost of how to install the fix I don't have much experience installing TS content can you explain to me what I need to do please. Thank You!

Avatar of Kcsouthern32
Kcsouthern32 24 Jan 2023

just drag and drop the content in the zip into your railworks folder it will do the rest

(Example) C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\RailWorks\

Avatar of Gavin catalano
Gavin catalano 24 Jan 2023

I don't think that worked I dragged and dropped the contents file into my Railworks folder and I see it in the scenarios folder in the route file and the routes folder. I'm still facing that wrong direction. Was I supposed to do something else?

Avatar of Gavin catalano
Gavin catalano 24 Jan 2023

yes I know where my railworks folder is and I do believe I am doing everything right I followed your instructions but it still didn't work. I place the content folder in my railworks folder and I'm still facing the other direction. unless I installed the route it self wrong but I don't think I did. Any suggestions would be great

Avatar of Thunder
Thunder 24 Jan 2023

Who has all the routes and asserts listed? Not many people do! So therefore it isn't really freeware is it? You have to go buy a bunch of routes to have a freeware route? I have a lot routes as do other people but all of those listed? Come on!

Avatar of Buzz4567
Buzz4567 24 Jan 2023

To Thunder,
Well then you may have some missing assets if you run the route. I have everything except one route and I have run this quite a bit and have not seen anything missing yet. Besides name me one route that is worth a darn that only uses free stuff? Come on.

Avatar of Kanawha
Kanawha 26 Jan 2023

The QD appears to be broken still.
Also, it uses VRC stock which is not available anymore, so it doesn't show up on the Scenario screen?
Plus the standard free roam scenarios supplies use many pieces of uncommon stock which makes them practically useless given the large compulsory requirements remain unused?

Avatar of Buzz4567
Buzz4567 27 Jan 2023

Well then why don't you substitute out some other rolling stock. Do you know how to use TSTools or do you just want to complain?

Avatar of Kcsouthern32
Kcsouthern32 28 Jan 2023

Buzz clearly he just wants to complain that’s why I haven’t replyed to what he is saying because clearly the QD doesn’t use any VRC stock because I don’t use VRC for one, for two QD let’s you drive any train you have I n stock, and for three the free roam that was created by me of course is not going to work when he doesn’t have the content I used on it so basically which everyone knows you have to create your own game like everyone else is doing. Some people just act like they never played the game before or tried to create, which this is a creators game just as well as for fun and not just something you buy and take a spin as soon as you get it like GTA5 and that even uses mods lol so hey let him talk because I’m not. People need to use their brains and stop acting so illiterate

Avatar of Kanawha
Kanawha 12 Mar 2023

so this is your attitude?
binned along with your 4k repaints on which you managed to flatten all the details on the engine hoods.

Avatar of Kcsouthern32
Kcsouthern32 17 Mar 2023

Dude just stop and quit trying to find something to argue wit me about. You go from pointing out a problem about the route which im sure its going to be problems because its a freeware route that no ones has to pay for but just have the same assets i had when it was made to run it which im pretty sure is your problem since your claiming Buzz fixed the error with the tomcat stuff and i tell you idc now its something about a repaint...HAHAHA!!! please stop it. If you didnt have to pay for it why are you complaning about what errors are in it and getting upset about something i dont care anything about anymore. I tell you what; you go make a route that big and long and see how longs it takes you to make, maybe a year or two and release it and then maybe you will understand my attitude about how i feel about your comment when you get tired of the people complaining about the same stuff. Thats why the routes i make from here out are going to be private

Avatar of Ranexz_Official
Ranexz_Official 23 Jan 2023

is this a problem if i have only 3 route in all the requirement ?

Avatar of Buzz4567
Buzz4567 24 Jan 2023

What's a CSM SD70?

Avatar of ISS
ISS 27 Jan 2023

its the Clear Signal Mods revamped SD70AH's

Avatar of CullenTrain
CullenTrain 25 Jan 2023

I cant find the assets?

Avatar of Buzz4567
Buzz4567 26 Jan 2023

Where did you look? A bunch are included and the rest are listed above?

Avatar of ZME_Matchstick
ZME_Matchstick 26 Jan 2023

Wonderful route! Its going to be fun exploring every part of it.

Avatar of Buzz4567
Buzz4567 26 Jan 2023

I second that.

Avatar of ChillsN'Thrills
ChillsN'Thrills 26 Jan 2023

I third that.

Avatar of TeamTrack
TeamTrack 27 Jan 2023

Great route, enjoying the exploration. Just a small point, were you aware that the EOL/Portals of the D&ERR crossing line are reversed - East is actually West, West is in the East (and I've done that when working a route from N-S) easily changed.

Avatar of SergioEGC
SergioEGC 28 Jan 2023

Looks amazing. But i have all requeriments, and the route doesn´t work. not have carrer scenarios or standar. only two free roam scenarios but dont work. have problems.
Can you help me, or exist a tutorial for install the route?

Avatar of Monchito5
Monchito5 28 Jan 2023

If anyone is having issues with Scenarios, Quickdrive or all that simple stuff, I would suggest using route editor instead, thats pretty much my main method for driving trains around

Avatar of Buzz4567
Buzz4567 28 Jan 2023

I second that.

Avatar of Kcsouthern32
Kcsouthern32 28 Jan 2023

i third that

Avatar of Ranexz_Official
Ranexz_Official 30 Jan 2023

I got a issue , i only start in shreveport sub and i cant spawn in another place in quick drive

Avatar of Boomaglev
Boomaglev 5 Feb 2023

I wish i could enjoy this route but i cant even play railworks even more, and i dont have some of the routes required

Avatar of Missouri Pacific enthusiast

excellent route scratches that KCS itch i've had for a very long time in TS

Avatar of Kcsouthern32
Kcsouthern32 1 Apr 2023

Glad to hear that hope you enjoy it. Work is on hold for the unfinished part at the moment but it will get finished at some point in the near future

Avatar of kris120
kris120 28 Feb 2023

You are still distributing wrong assets from Tomcat. Please use these :
I have sent them to Buzz for uploading.

Avatar of Kcsouthern32
Kcsouthern32 1 Mar 2023

I am not distributing anything wrong or illegal so please dont get on the message forum with the gimmics. Tomcat distrubuted freeware using the same assets as the KCS sub which are replicated from the Powder River Basin which is free so dont come bothering me about a distribution that is prefectly fine which by far some assets that was hard for the community to regain again that i have supplied with clear permission also with lack of certain boundarys that was made clear to over step at the moment. So dont start this BS again about distrubtion. You will be the last person i reply to on this forum. im not changing anything anymore. So feel free to do as you please to fix whatever is your problem because im not playing Railworks anymore this was my last route. So Whatever your comment maybe replaying my respond ahead so you have a answer is a OK!!, THUMPS UP!!, WHATEVER!!! HAVE A GOOD ONE!!!

Avatar of kris120
kris120 2 Mar 2023

If you don't want to hear constructive critisism then I will never ever comment your creations. I have 14 years of expertise in TS and do not need to read such ignorant stuff.

Avatar of Kcsouthern32
Kcsouthern32 3 Mar 2023

Thank you

Avatar of kris120
kris120 3 Mar 2023

For what ?

Avatar of kris120
kris120 28 Feb 2023

These wrong assets are used only on 4 tiles:
Search for .bin\ in the xml and replace them. Then everything works.

Avatar of Cadmus Hawke
Cadmus Hawke 31 Mar 2023

Thank you for sharing this exceptional route with the community. I look forward to driving this end to end.

Avatar of Kcsouthern32
Kcsouthern32 1 Apr 2023

Your welcome

Avatar of LeandroV
LeandroV 15 Jun 2023

Thank you for making this work available to everyone. My problem is that I have all the requirements but the tracks do not appear. What could be the solution?

Avatar of Kcsouthern32
Kcsouthern32 22 Jun 2023

download the google link at the top of the page

Avatar of IsambardKingdomBrunel

Watched a Schnauza YT vid and this route looks amazing. Thanks very much for making it available.

Avatar of captain slow
captain slow 12 Oct 2023

Which TrackRules does this route use ?

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