Northern Lines Electric V2.0

Version 2.0 of Northern Lines Electric for Train Simulator Classic has been in creation for around about two years on and off since the initial launch.
This release of the route brings many updates to the route, you will see throughout the route reworked Overhead Wiring utilising newer Series 2 modelsfrom Alan Thomson Simulation.
This work was undertaken and gifted to us by Alexander Rosen (Konkacha). This started the ball rolling for a much further widespread update.
On top of the OHLE upgrades a full overhaul of the foliage has been done. An extra mile or so scenery has been addedallowing you to run as far as Bamber Bridge.
A major rework of Preston Station has also taken place utilising the Alan Thomson Simulation model. Script work to allow this model to fit was done by Jack Hales (ChiefJack).
A rework also of the scenarios has been done to make use of newer Enhancement Packs and reskins etc.
Along side Preston’s rework Jack has provided a number of assets to the route and worked with Tom on the scenery revamp.


The following list below are all the requirements for the correct appearance of the route.
Please note if you happen to not have certain items in your library the route may appear with milk bottles in certain places.

Alan Thomson Simulation
WCML Midlands & North West (You are required to be a subscriber to access this route)
Overhead Live Electrification Pack (OHLE Pack)

Armstrong Powerhouse
Norwich to Great Yarmouth & Lowestoft Route V2.0 (Version 1.0 Will work also)

4 Aspect Simulations
Cynx/4AS Signage Pack V1.2 (Ensure this is upto date)

Just Trains
Common Library available with JT Routes. We recommend a more up to date version from the
Midland Main Line, South Western Expressways – Reading or Wessex Main Line Extension

Steam Store
BR Class 142 Pacer DMU – Needed for a scenery asset
East Coast Main Line London – Peterborough Route Add-On
European Loco and Asset Pack
Liverpool – Manchester Route Add-On
London to Brighton Route Add-On
North London Line & Goblin Lines Add-On
Settle to Carlisle Route Add-On
South Western Main Line: Southampton – Bournemouth Route Add-On
WCML South: London Euston – Birmingham Route Add-On
WCML Trent Valley Route Add-On
West Coast Main Line Over Shap Route Add-On
West Highland Line Extension Route Add-On

UK Train Sim Freeware Packs
• Blocks Lofts Bridges
• Clutter
• Commercial
• Foliage
• Housing
• Industrial

All of the UKTS Asset Packs above listed can be located at the Golden Age Developments Website.

Installation Instructions

⚫ Open up the folder named Northern Lines Electric V2.0
⚫ Check you have the requirements listed prior to installing.
⚫ Run the installer provided.
⚫ Check you have the scenario requirements before loading them up
⚫ If you have followed the above instructions you should be good to go!

Additional Comments

In no particular order the list below is to acknowledge all who have helped and contributed towards this route package.

On Track Simulation Team
Callum Green - Asset Creation
Jack Hales – Testing, asset creation, scenery work and general background work
Joshua Bridge – Testing
Joshua Lake - Testing
Mark Walker - Track Laying
Thomas Harrison – Track Laying, Scenery and Scenarios

Special Thanks
Alan Thomson Simulation – Allowing us to script modify parts of Preston Station to fit our track.
Alexander Rosen – Updated OHLE work
Ashley Clark – Scenarios & Voyager Bin File
Benedict Cooper - Track swaps, and extra terrain paint files added to the route library.
DPSimulation - Various bits along the way
Matthew Willson – Creation of the Class 142 Static Modification for Blackpool North
Whitemead – Scenarios
On Track Simulation Beta Testing Team.
Thomson Interactive – Allowing use of assets in this our freeware projects
William Stead - Asset Creation

Asset Permissions
4 Aspect Simulation – OHLE models from Fen Line
DPSimulation - Route Builders Pack 01
JADsHome - Fences and Sign
Nobkins - TPR Asset Pack

We do not accept any responsibility for any damage to your installation or your PC, as an alleged
result of the download and/or installation of this package.
Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES may this route or any associated files or part thereof to be included in
any pay ware without prior written permission from the developer
Please do not redistribute any associated files or part thereof without our permission.
Please do not modify and redistribute this route, any associated files or part thereof without our

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