Holiday Rush Arrows

You'll be in charge of Weekend Holiday Extra train #8841 from NY to Trenton running express to Metropark and then local to Trenton. You'll be facing a slight delay coming out of New York due to inbound trains running up to 10 minutes late but you'll be able to make that up between Metropark and Trenton. You'll have to keep your speed around 80mph the rest of the trip starting at Newark Penn as you'll be expected to leave the local stops early as there is a lot of schedule padding. All timetables based on November & December 2022 LIRR, NJ Transit & Amtrak schedules. I'd HIGHLY recommend playing the scenario on 64-bit as there's a lot of AI even on weekends on the Northeast Corridor. You will need Fan Railer's ALP-46/A Physics mod here at: for the push-pull AI to work. Have fun with the scenario :)


Steam Workshop::New Jersey Transit Revamp

All other dependencies for the scenario are listed in the NJT Revamp Route workshop file. PLEASE READ THE DLC LIST!!!!!! it will answer all the rest of your DLC related questions.

Train Simulator: NJ TRANSIT® ALP-46 Loco Add-On on Steam

With a 1,000-mile route system, much of which is electrified with overhead AC catenary, commuter carrier NJ TRANSIT® is one of North America’s primary employers of electric locomotives. Seeking a new fleet of state-of-the art electrics, NJ TRANSIT contracted with Adtranz (now part of Bombardier) in Kassel, Germany to construct 29...

Train Simulator: NJ TRANSIT® Arrow III EMU Add-On on Steam

NJ Transit’s classic Arrow III electric-multiple-unit railcars began rolling out of General Electric’s erecting halls four decades ago and have since become an iconic fixture of New Jersey’s commuter railroading scene, serving on many NJ Transit routes including the North Jersey Coast Line, Morristown Line, and Northeast Corridor.


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