Cynx / 4AS Signage Pack V1.2

For many years, many speed sign variants have been missing in Train Simulator, including traction-specific signage and more. The existing signage in Train Simulator has aged quite a bit, and we felt like they needed a bit of a refresh. This freeware pack consists of over 300 variants of general railway signage (such as speed signs, stop car markers, etc.), along with minor additions such as arrows, and even region specific variants. It’s quite a long list! The list of exactly what’s included has been written on the bottom of this readme. This pack has no requirements besides a copy of Train Simulator Classic.

Here’s a quick rundown of what’s included in this pack. Note that there are a number of variations for each asset, all of them are listed in the editor. Items in bold are newly added for Version 2.

● Speed Signs
● Morpeth/Warning Boards
● Oval Speed Signs
● KM/H Speed Signs (with a black background)
● EPS Speed Signs
● Speed Sign Arrows
● Whistle Boards
● Car Stop Markers
● Cutout Speed Signs
● NRN/CSR Boards (which properly function with compatible AP stock)
● Signal/AWS Signage (such as No AWS)
● Traction Changeover Signs
● Neutral Section Signs
● Foot/Gate Crossing Signage
● Low Adhesion Signage
● Limited Clearance/No Refuge Signs
● Distant Signal Signs
● Misc Platform Signage

There are two asset providers you will need to enable in order to get the full range of signage.
Cynx>SpeedSignage enables most speed signage in the editor.
4AS>SignagePack enables everything else including stop boards, power changeover signs, etc.

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