Southeastern Network Sign Reskin Pack

  • by LP and Niklas
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This is a reskin pack of the signs from the new Chatham Mainline, that adds signs for stations on the Southeastern Network Workshop route.
The reskins have been created by LP! I'm only uploading them here with their permission.


Train Simulator: Chatham Main Line: London Victoria & Blackfriars - Dover & Ramsgate Route Add-On on Steam

Summer comes soonest in the South, so climb on-board and visit the Kent Coast with the sprawling and complete Chatham Main Line for Train Simulator!

Installation Instructions

Unzip, and copy the "asset" folder over to your railworks folder. Then run the bat file "Install Niklas Signage" in the asset folder.

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Niklas 19 May 2024

I should add that LP made a total of 86 signs to allow for future extensions without additional downloads. That equates to 43 stations in total!

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LP 19 May 2024

yeah i'm really great

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