HOA Wagon Pack Vol.1

This Freeware wagon pack contains the first batch of HOA wagons built by IRS in Romania, between 2006 and 2009.


  • CEMEX (unbranded CEMEX)
  • EWS Construction
  • DB Shenker

Manual Included in Download File
Scenario by Thomas Harrison included



HOAWagonPackVol1.zip 163 MB · Added 8 May 2023 · Downloaded 620× HOAWagonPackVol1.zip 163 MB · Added 15 Apr 2024 · Downloaded 249×


Avatar of Future
Future 9 May 2023

Brilliant pack and model -- well done! However, one small issue I've had -- the shadows on the W1 variant of the Ex-Cemex livery seems to be having some issues -- wonder if this could be resolved? Many thanks

Avatar of Joe Charlton
Joe Charlton 11 May 2023

Would love to see the MRL Mendip/VTG livery on these!!

Avatar of gp
gp 9 Jul 2023

Another small issue...

"Open ‘DTG’ and tick ‘MedwayValleyLine’ (This
gives the AP Wagon (Modern) sound pack a
base to work from, therefore, you do not have to
own the route for it to work)"

If you don't have the route you won'thave the box to tick!!

Avatar of gp
gp 13 Jul 2023

Correction to above:

The AP sound pack creates a "DTG\MedwayValleyLine" folder pairing, but the single file it installs merely points to the AP sounds, so can legally be copied into the HOA's folder structure--makes the whole thing neater, and if the couplings were also moved over, self contained.

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